Paracord Tutorial: How To Tie A 3 Strand Single Matthew Walker Knot

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hi YouTube friends it's Tom here I hope

you're all doing well join me because

today we are going to be tying the

single Matthew Walker using three

strands start with your three strands

splayed out and then we're going to tie

a walnut so I'm gonna take that yellow

under the green in the green under the

yellow and also under that gray cord

and then I'm going to take the gray cord

underneath the green and then up through

that yellow loop

so that's all not and then take one of

your strands and feed it through the

next loop along so this gray one the

next loop will be the green loop and

just feed it through that loop take our

next strand which is the yellow and feed

it through the next loop along which is

that gray sit right next to that green

cord and finally I'm going to take the