How To Tie a Double Jig Rig For Crappie

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oh man that boat is filthy after

yesterday I am super super not excited

to clean that off as you can see the

sun's out it's warm everything's melting

everything slushy it's all really just

trashed it's gonna be a little while

before this boats clean anyway welcome

back to another video guys just gonna do

a really quick one here this morning

about something that I've gotten a lot

of comments about especially since I've

been crappie fishing but it's how I tied

my double jig rig it's really super easy

if you guys haven't actually looked that

up yet but it's probably one of the

easier little rigs to tie so I'm gonna

show you guys how to do that while I get

a couple of my customer rods rigged up

here alright so the double jig rig for

crappies it's a real simple rig super

easy to tie I like using two jigs