Easy Fishing Knots - How to tie a Two Hook Snell Knot

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hey guys today I'm going to show you how

to tie a two hoops now which is a common

way to regard large baits when fishing

off the beach or on the boat so guys

fishing with larger strip baits like

squid or mullet or whole yellowtail half

yellowtail whatever you want to be using

sometimes you need to get a bit more

hook exposure it's one hook isn't enough

a good way to do this is with the two

hooks Nell so similar to your single

hooks now you'll start it off past three

tie the hook we're going to wrap it down

just like this before here come down

make sure it's all laying nice and leave


getting there top end of your leader go

through the eye you wet that and give it

a full pull tight put your bottom on

slightly up the tag a bit now with your

top walk you'll have to get your mono