How to Tie Crawler Harnesses for Walleye Trolling

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hey everybody

family chrono ahum felt here today to

teach you how to make your own walleye

crawler harnesses crawler harnesses are

an awesome way of catching summertime

walleye as they incorporate the use of a

spinner blade which gives off a lot of

flash and vibration to draw fish in from

a long ways away while also

incorporating the use of live bait which

gives off a lot of action and a lot of

scent in the water

crawler harnesses consists of a few main

components first a fluorocarbon leader

two hooks plastic beads a clevis and

spinner blade as far as hooks go I like

to use a wide gap short shank octopus

hooks such as these right here I like to

use a larger hook such as a size 2 like

this one as my front hook and a smaller

hook such as a size 4 for my back hook