How to Tie a 1940s Headscarf

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hi today I'm going to show you how to do

a 1940's tell hid scarf it's the kind of

head scarf you'll see online girls or

housewives in the 1940s

it's ideal for covering up pink curls if

you just need to pop to the shops or if

you just want to put a little fringe all

at the top of your head and you don't

have time to do anything at the back of

your hair then it's perfect for covering

that up as well it's really easy to do

but much easier to show on video than

ears with diagrams so first of all you

need a swear scarf you can use a cotton

scarf or slip about less on your head I

only have a silk scarf at the moment so

I'm going to use a silk scarf and the

first thing you do is you need to fold

it corner to corner diagonally so that

you make a triangle