How to Tie Workboot Laces so they STAY Tied

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master carpenter Matt Jackson inviting

you to spend a few minutes with a master

you know job sites are full of

potentially dangerous things to step on

over through and around and climbing on

roofs and walls during framing adds a

whole nother dimension for danger so the

last thing I want to worry about is

tripping over my boot laces so today

I'll show you the ridiculously simple

but highly effective method that I use

to tie slippery round boot laces and

it's guaranteed to hold all day until I

decide to untie them ready go good thing

about these round laces is that they

cinch up quickly to keep my foot snug

and secure bad thing is that with a

normal knot they can become loose

quickly and untie at the worst possible

moment it's a good thing that YouTube

provides video and audio for your senses