How to Tie Bean Boot Laces | How to Tie an Eastland Knot

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hey guys welcome back to my youtube

channel today I'm going to show you how

to tie your bean boots a couple of years

ago I wrote a blog post with some

photographs of how I tie the laces from

my bean boots and every time I put a

picture of my bean boots on my blog

people ask me how I tie them it is my

number one blog post of all time and the

great thing about this particular lace

style is that you can use it on your

bean boots you can use it on other boots

you can use it on slippers so the uses

are pretty endless and it's actually

really really simple to do even though

it looks complicated you can do it in

about 30 seconds so here's how you do it

okay so this is the lace I just pulled

everything out to restart and it's super

simple so you're gonna lace it up the

front just like normal and then you're