How to Tie 7 Basic Knots

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what's going on everyone this is Brett

McKay from The Art of Manliness calm now

a handy skill every man should have is

the ability to tie a few basic knots you

never know where you have to tie knot

whether it's tying to canoe the top of

your car or say your buddy falls down a

ravine while you're hiking a mountain

you have to rescue him you want it not

that you know it's secure it's not gonna

slip when you're hoisting them up to

safety but unfortunately today a lot of

men don't know how to tie knots and when

they do have to tie something they just

kind of make a bunch of loops and passes

a jumbled mess until they've got

something that feels secure but they

find out it isn't secure when the canoe

comes flying off the top of the car so

to help you not let that happen to you