How to Tie Boardshorts Tighter

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all right pyro me here with modern are

spit random tips today is just a quick

tip on how you can potentially make your

boardshorts or your swim trunks tighter

we've all some of us have probably

gained some weight over the quarantine

of the corona virus and sort of weights

fluctuating which seems to happen every

year and you know maybe you need to make

your shorts tighter later because you

bought some shorts to fit your larger

waist or maybe you're looking for some

shorts and you happen to be between

sizes you need to buy the larger one

because you like the length of the legs

but you need a tighter on the waist so

this go ahead and come closer here and

I'll show you this is how board shorts

are normally tight so what you're going

to do is you're going to undo everything

here you can undo all of the strings all