How to Make a Feng Shui 3 Chinese Coins Wall Hanging for Wealth & Good Luck ( Quick & Easy )

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hello everyone today I going to show you

how to make a very simple tassel Chinese

Fung straight Cohen charm this charm for

functional purpose well known for

attracts wealth I bring good luck to you

people in China use that to hang inside

of the car or on the wall to attracts

money come into the house and hopefully

today I'm going to show you laughter so

you can make one yourself you can hang

you inside the car or on your handbag or

on the wall hanging wherever you like

okay it's very easy and simple to make

let's start it we needs three coins that

the coin I use it's twenty three

millimeter millimeter in diameter

the Chinese calling on two sides one

character side and another one just

pattern okay we need a piece of coat the


I'm already it's about a meter long the