Tangle Free Paracord Storage - Quick Deployment

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Storing your paracord like this is a sure-fire way to spend a lot of time working through

some tangles. I'm going to show you a really quick and easy way to prevent that problem,

and it will allow your paracord to be stored very neatly, and you'll be able to deploy

it really quickly should you ever need to put up a shelter in a hurry or anything like

that. So to begin, you just want to take a little bit of the paracord on a bite, like

that, and then I'm going to flip around so you can see what it looks like from my perspective.

The next step is pinching it between your thumb and your palm, just like that. Then

you'll take this long end and you'll just start to loop it around your fingers and palm.

So you just go around. You can go quickly or as slowly as you would like. It doesn't

have to be anything fancy. You don't have to do it really well. You can go slow, like

I said, or you can just really start to go fast. In fact, I'll go quickly the rest of

the way. So as you can see, I'm just doing loops around my fingers. It doesn't have to

be complex at all. It does look a little bit nicer if you take your time, but that's up

to you. Then once you have about a foot left, you're going to take all of that paracord,

slide it off your fingers, and then pinch it, just like that. And then you're going

to take that long end and you're going to wrap it around all the paracord. On this part

you want to wrap pretty tightly, because this is what will make it look neat. So, after

you have done that a few times, just take this leftover end and put it though that loop

on the top, just like that, and then pull this other end. This was the part that was

on a bite to begin with. So you just pull that and it will suck that paracord underneath

all those wraps you did, which will make sure that it doesn't come undone. And then you