Easy Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

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hey guys thanks for tuning in today

we're going to be doing a step-by-step

tutorial on how to make a paracord

bracelet I've made a few videos on this

and I'm starting to follow up on some

comments and requests on those previous

videos one of which is to make the

tutorial using white cord so it

contrasts the black background making it

a little easier for you guys to follow

along so to start we're talk mighty

riyals I get all my paracord from

camping survival calm I'll put the link

down in the description and I get all my

clips from creative design works or CDW

plus calm again I'll put the link down

in the description

these are 5/8 inch clips and that's the

one that we'll be using today so once

you have your materials you get your

cord I use about 10 feet of paracord and