How to tie the grinner knot (great braid to swivel knot)

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hi guys Matt Collins here from

Beausoleil what I'd like to show you how

to do today is how to tie the five turn

double grenier the five turn gorilla is

a very important not in carp fishing and

it was originally developed by Richard

Walker I use it for connecting braid to

swivels Brighton link loops etc and it's

also very good for coated materials as

well I used to use it as the main not

for connecting mainline to swivels

but I subsequently found out that the

Palomar knot is a better and more

reliable way to make this connection

I'll be covering this in another video

the five turn gorilla is a very strong

knot and it's relatively easy to tie it

certainly won't slip and it's never let

me down so let's have a look at how to

tie that now so to start take the braid