Natural Hairstyles | How to Style 4C/4B Hair

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hi guys welcome back to another video

welcome back welcome back welcome back

to another video so we're gonna jump

straight into today's video today we're

gonna be doing some hairstyles you guys

have been asking me to show you some

hairstyle so here are some hairstyles so

we're gonna be using the basic stuff

some leaving conditioner some combs some

hair ties and obviously your spritz

bottle and what you're gonna be using to

tie your hair some yarn so obviously the

cabin needs to come off and I need to

undo my brights that I had put in I had

this over the week while I was at uni

and I just wore caps pretty much the

whole week so you're gonna start by

moisturizing your hair so you can undo

whatever protective style you had in

your hair

obviously making sure you separate and