How to do a 4 Strand Braid or Plait - Craft Basics with Red Ted Art

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hello hello welcome back to rented art

and another one of our craft basic today

we're going to look at how to make a

plat with four strands you will have to

take your 4 strands put them as neatly

as you can take them down or use a pin

to cure them or knock them and secure

them but you need a little bit of

tension just to make it easier you then

take your right strand and put it over

the one next to it bring these two

together and take your left over the

middle now again take your right one

bring it into the center and again take

these clips together and put your left

perfect both of them so basically you're

working on a single strand when you're

coming from the right so single and

you're working on a double strand when

you're coming from the left and that is

how easy it is to do a plat with four