How to Make a Feng Shui 3 Chinese Coins for Wealth & Good Luck ( Quick & Easy )

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hello everyone but today I going to show

you how to make a phone tree coin and

this type of Cohen ones 3 3 :

tied together use a piece of a ribbon

he's sleeping 104 Chinese phone tree for

money and wealth attractor to your home

and business if for business use you can

put inside it you pay for private use

personal use you can put inside the

purse for home use you can put on the

nice the doumitt where is the money

coming for you home ok today I'm going

to show you exactly how to make how to

make it how to tie the least half notes

together just like one will finish will

look like what you look like inside my

hands ok we'll put on one side no we're

going to show you how to make it okay

the coin I use this type of cooling is

Asian Chinese coin especially in Qing

Dynasty so the size is 2 2 point 2