How to tie the Perfect Bow by Jane Means

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I'm Jane means and I'm going to show you

how to tie the perfect bow you're going

to start off with a small piece of

ribbon on the top of the box you're

leaving the ribbon on the roll and

you're going to follow it around the box

bring the ribbon back to the top you

then cross the ribbon over you continue

with the long ribbon around the box and

bring it back to the center again I then

measure with that small piece there and

cut make sure you've got some sharp

scissors and tie a little bit of ribbon

on so they know that your your ribbon

scissors with the end I'm going to just

tuck it under and pull it back to tie

the bow first of all I'm going to add a

decoration I'm tying that in and

whenever you tie a bow imagine the

letter X that's what you're following so

start tying the bow it doesn't matter