How-I-do: Ratchet strapping a load of planks to a roof rack

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I traveled over a hundred kilometers

with this load of Ash planks on the roof

of my car today when I arrived home the

load was as safe and secure as when I

strapped it on at the other end it took

me a long time to figure out the best

way to use ratchet straps over the years

I've seen some horrible ways that people

have used them on their loads and this

is the way that I use ratchet straps

when I'm carrying a narrow load such as

this load of planks if I'm driving alone

I put the load on the passenger's side

of the car which in my case is on the

lift to improve the overall vehicle load

balance I start by putting the hook over

the back of the load towards the middle

of the car and align the ratcheting

mechanism up with the right edge of the

roof rack bar next I put the other hook

over the load and loop it under the roof