Coolest Way To Double Lace Jordan 1 Homage To Home

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yo what I was the kid CJ City so today

we got a different video I've been

seeing like these double laces floating

around on YouTube I actually didn't

really like that style at first but we

got the homage to home joints right here

and I just feel like that would be

perfect to test out the double laces on


you know me sadly I don't even know how

to lace up regular shoes so I'm gonna

have my wife show you guys you're gonna

show me as well how we can try some

double laces on these hommies two homes

we're gonna do three styles and you guys

could tell us what you guys like the

best so let's just jump right into it so

we're starting off and we're gonna use

red and white lace are you gonna have

the red on this side and the white on

this side so first thing that you want