How to make a Carrick Bend Knot to tie two ends of string or rope together

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this is a how-to on the Carrick Bend not

it's a great strong not to not to ends

there's no slippage and it's strong it's

a bit difficult but you'll get it okay

to make the Carrick Bend knot you need

two strings obviously and the first

string you're going to take make it into

a loop and cross it over on the top so

you'll have one open-ended loop although

crossed then take the second string and

you're going to make a loop that weaves

in and out of this loop so we'll start

by going underneath the loop both

strings on both sides of the loop then

you're going to take this string and go

over this little tab string there so

you're under two over one and then

you're going under this long string here

there's a lot of holding string in place

so two under one over one under and then

one over you're going to go over this