Join Two Perfection Loop Knots Together

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good morning this is captain drew

Cavanaugh with Florida and Shore fishing

charters Mosquito Lagoon site fishing

charters located here in East Central

Florida on the world-famous Mosquito

Lagoon just east of Orlando and today

what I'm going to do is I'm going to

show you a really quick video here on

how to join either to perfection loop

knots together or how to join take a

perfection loop knot so your leader do

it to your fly but end a lot of times

when you buy fly line it comes tied I

mean it comes either with a loop already

in it and whether you're doing leader to

tip it or whatever I'm going to show you

how to join these two loops together I

have a couple videos out there on how to

show you how to tie the perfection loop

knot so you can watch those and then

from there you can go to this video and