Fishing Knots: How To Tie A Blood Knot

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hi everyone today we are going to have a

look at the blood knot which is probably

one of the strongest ways to join two

fishing lines together you can see from

the compactness of the knot that we'll

be able to go through rod guides with a

minimum of interference which makes

casting virtually unrestricted so to tie

this one I'm just going to take those

two strands and I'm going to place this

right hand strand over the left and I'm

just going to pull out enough to make my

wraps and then I'm just going to pinch

that off there at the intersection and I

want to take my left hand strand here

and come in underneath and wrap in this

direction so I want to come in

underneath first and then over the top

towards you and I'm going to take four

wraps for complete wraps and if you were

using light line you might want to take