The 2 Fly Rig - Multiple ways - McFly Angler Fishing Tips - Back to Basics

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well hey McFly subscribers so today

we're going to go over how to set up a

to fly system


of course before you do this check your

local River where you're gonna go fish

and make sure you can fish to fly some

say no now many of you already probably

know how to do this for some of you that

are new to fly fishing especially nymph

in this might help so again this is a to

fly nymph rig setup tapered leader

already on it I've done demonstrations

on how to get leader on to your line and

how to actually put line on your reel if

your fly low fly shop can't do it for

you go back and check those videos out

if you're interested but today we're

just setting up a to fly system let's

talk about the leader first so they make

multitude different types of leaders