Educated Angler - The Double Nymph Rig

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hey guys this is Patrick sessoms with D

south Outfitters a fly shopping guide

service of been our elk and Boone North

Carolina we'd like to welcome you all to

new series we're doing called the

educated angler our goal here is to kind

of shine a little light on what we do as

guides every day how we set our rigs up

kind of to walk people through how to

rig rods just general information about

fly-fishing that's maybe not readily

available to some folks we want to make

this really simplified so it's easy to

understand and just something that folks

that whether you're just getting into

the sport and you're trying to figure

out how do I rig a nymph rig or if

you're an expert you can pick up on a

few tidbits that might help your fishing

game a little bit if you will and we

decided that today we would start out