Tie 2 Fishing Lines Together - The Easy & Strong Knot

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all right everyone today we're going to

look at how to attach to fishing lines

together this is good if you're using

some mono on the bottom of your reel and

you want braids just to be at the end so

you don't waste money putting braids on

your whole reel and probably a lot of

other reasons you might want to do this

so we're going to go ahead and take the

red line I have here which is we're

going to say this is the mono on the

bottom of the reel and then the clear

line here is going to be what goes on

the furthest off the reel it's going to

be what comes out of the pole first so

take the line that you want farther down

on the reel and this red line all you

want to do is take it and make a loop

out of it and hold it together so all I

did was make a loop I'm going to go

ahead just get my fingers in here in a