THE BEST WAY TO KEEP EXTENSION CORDS CONNECTED | No Disconnecting | Weather Resistant | Cord Protect

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we've all been on the jobsite where

we're trying to make the perfect cut

only to find that our tool doesn't turn

on when we expect it or we're mid cut

and the power goes out

so we're caught frantically looking

around looking for the problem only to

find our cables became unplugged and

we're not even to talk about the

language that just came out of our

mouths when we found this problem I'm

Margaret from just needs paint and today

I want to share with you how you can

avoid this problem as well as make your

jobsite safer so let's get started with

a knot that I like to use in a pinch

which is fast and easy so you create you

use an overhand knot give yourself some

space there so that when you plug in the

cable when you have tension on the line

it goes through the knot and there's no