Strongest Braid to Braid Fishing Knot [Modified Double Uni Knot]

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in this video we're going to tie a

braided line to another braided line

this is the strongest knot that I've

been on to find for this connection so

far it's it's the W not but it's really

a little bit of a modified version of

the W not so let's go ahead and get

started I'll show you how it works so we

have just the two tag ends right here

we're going to overlap them go on in

opposite directions and now we're going

to start with the other side over here

on the left so we have it overlapped we

have about I'll say six seven inches of

line here going off to the left and

we're just going to make just our get

back or just a basic loop and I have the

tag end facing towards me let me pull

the lines a little bit longer so we have

more tagging to work with so again all

we have is just a simple loop my right