How To Make Duplets & Clusters - Balloon Basics 10

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hello Greg from balloon markets here and

welcome to be mtv balloon basics we're

joined once again by Mark from qualitex

mark thank you for coming thanks for

having me Greg my pleasure and today

mark is going to tell us all about jui+

and clusters so mark over to you okay

well simply do plaits our two balloons

tied together okay and they form the

basics of all classic decor okay so

let's inflate couple balloons

using a precision air today to make sure

that the sizing is consistent that's

automatically stopped the balloon I like

the balloons nice and round personally

so I'm just going to round those off

yeah and then I'm going to lay one neck

over the other and pull tight against

each other wrap to the other side and

then create a knot when you say what did

you call it classic the classic deck or