How to Secure a Stretch Cord Bracelet

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hi this is kat with beadaholique.com

breaking or wearing out over time and

that can happen but I'm going to show

you a couple little tricks that I've

learned over the years that really help

reinforce them so we are going to be

using the beadsmith opal on here and

this is our stretch jewelry fiber I have

some 8 millimeter wood beads here and

these are gonna help you just sort of

demonstrate the technique but please

feel free to use whatever beads that you

want I'm gonna be using a big eye needle

and I brought this out because what's

really great is in the pack you get four

of them so you can really utilize these

for a lot of different projects but just

to kind of give you a little sneak peek

here this has a really big eye in fact

it's the whole length of the needle so