How Do We Break The Habit Of Excessive Thinking?

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I've read all your books and I listen to

your recordings on a pretty much on a

daily basis and I don't say that to

build up a ego that doesn't exist it

leads into my question what I find and

trying to practice the power of now

trying to be conscious without thought

is a very heavy inner dialogue of all

the principles and things that I've read

like how should I do this what would

Eckhart say and and and actually my

thought process starts getting more

active and I think I'm losing the

presence by that thought process and

then I think at a your latest book with

the cartoons which I love which I think

there's one with a little bird in the

tree he's talking to the dog he's very

upset and dogs is what's wrong and the

birds as well you know I'm thinking

about yesterday and this and that and

I'm worried about what's gonna happen in

a week two weeks about the future what

do i do what do I do and a dog just

looks at them and says stop thinking so

how do I you know it seems you try to

stop thinking but and you read all this

and you try to practice it but yet in

any given situation I find that in order

to get closer to practicing it or even

practice it it's causing a lot of

thoughts to happen so it's a different

kind of thoughts are those thoughts that

I should break that kind of habit and if

so how

okay thank you thank you now the there's

a lot of talk these days about not just

talk actually it's happening addictions

many people are dictated to all kinds of

things substances but one of the

greatest addictions or one of the

greatest addiction never actually you

never read about it in the papers

because the people are addicted to it

don't know it it's the addiction to

thinking it's actually addictive can't

stop thinking it's like can't stop

drinking can't stop smoking can't stop

eating can't stop thinking thinking is

the greater addiction then any of these

and it's an addiction because it's first

it's been a drug I wants to has been

around for so long and it's a pseudo

sense of self so it's a great reluctance

on the part of most people to let go of

thinking because is equated with

the state of sleep to let go of thinking

there isn't that much to understand in

this teaching there's a little bit to

understand about how the ego works but

even that is just mainly not self

observation the main thing about it is

presence presence and presence is a

space of no thought but presence can

also be there in the background even

when thinking is happening you can still

be not completely involved in the

thinking thinking loses the ability to

create havoc in your life and confuse

you so in your choice then is not to

understand more or to bring some

intellectual analysis to the practice

but to practice the state of not

thinking which can be arrived at by

various ways as you probably know if you

don't think about it just do it

it's becoming more aware of the present

moment and accept it as it is slows down

the overactive mind is one thing because

a lot of the over activity of the mind

is an attempt to get away from the

isness simplicity of the present moment

so to become more aware of the present

moment as a practice have perhaps little

pointers in your office at home in your

car let's say present moment or whatever

or a symbol for it and there are

different entry points into the present

moment present moment awareness means

thinking subsides may not disappear


but something else arises that is

primary we call it presence or awareness

Buddhists call it mindfulness which I

don't use because it implies is empty of

your mind is full of things but it isn't

of course it's just a mistranslation so

to be present first of all use the

present moment to become but how do you

become conscious of the present moment

now when you get it after a while you

can you can actually sense the presence

of the present so to speak directly in

there it is but helpful things our sense

perceptions take you out of thinking if

you're not judging the sense perceptions

labeling naming looking around anywhere

wherever you are look around practice

sense perceptions without this

compulsive interference of naming what

what you are perceiving oh that's a

beautiful flow I wonder what it's called

I don't know what it's cultural that

helps I can be free of thinking if I

know what it's called I can say oh

that's such-and-such and then drop that

and see what it means to perceive

without interference of concepts words

at this moment for example you're

looking at me now let's say between now

and now were you thinking no okay and

again between now and now where you're

thinking or present no thought and while

I speak do you need to think to

understand what I'm saying or can you

just listen and understand it and this

is what you're doing

and so let's part of the teaching and

the function of the spiritual teacher

imparting information is secondary what

I'm telling you now is secondary what is

primary is the underlying state of

consciousness which is presence that's

the teaching but you can't talk about


it's underlying but the a sign that it's

working is that while you listen there's

no thought it's just a dirt presence and

when the so-called teacher stops

speaking for a moment the alert presence

remains it does not need to be filled

with anything just like now what is

there to think about

nothing now if we do this for longer if

we at some point your mind will probably

start up and think how much longer is he

going to sit there

and when that happens you can allow your

mind to say how much longer is he going

to sit there and say nothing and then

come back to presence and then some

other thought will come what's this all

about and then you can allow that sort

arise and then be present again which

means you're not really your priority is

no longer to follow the thought where it

wants to take you because the thought

has a magnetic pole it wants more of

your consciousness it wants to grow

because it's a little entity it wants to

grow so it wants to your tension in in

subtle ways it tries to get your


it says it might even use a bodily

feeling says god I'm hungry suddenly why

didn't I need to eat something and then

you think of a rape what restaurant I'm

going to afterwards and so the presence

is gone you are gone you are looking for

a restaurant in your mind which means

the thought used as some bodily thing to

make thoughts out of it completely

pointless because you can't find a

restaurant because you're standing here

but it can use all kinds of things to

manufacture most to get your attention

and if you're not careful if you don't

know the mechanism it's not so much an

intellectual understanding but a simple

realization that this is what the mind

does it tries to pull you in it's fine

that's what it does once you know that

you can allow thought to arise without

following it where it wants you to go

which is into another bigger thought and

a bigger one so then you become like

like my dog when it finds a scent and

then suddenly even the dope when the dog

is off leash your leash is fine she just

runs around you but suddenly she picks

up a scent and then she goes off

completely unaware of surroundings or

anything you just follows it

and she could get lot she goes off to

the horizon sometimes just disappears

and that's when you follow a thought it

goes like that you can wake up 20

minutes later and it started with last

being a little bit hungry and thinking

of a restaurant and it ends up with

thinking about how ungrateful your life