Obsessing? Here are 3 Ways to Get Him Off Your Mind.

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hey guys it's Chris Shante with

Christian and when I learned how

to do readings for people and how to

tune into my own intuition and to become

psychic I initially started working at a

healing center and I did a lot of

readings for people and a lot of the

people that came for readings were

primarily women asking about men and I

noticed a really common theme and that

was women asking for help

in not obsessing over men and obsessing

about men and thinking about them

constantly in fact it was such a big

huge theme that I created a program to

help women through it it's called get

him off your mind in 28 days and it has

exercises and guided meditations to help

release that energy and to clear your

mind and to separate but if you're going

through something like this where

somebody is constantly on your mind the

first thing that you need to know is

that it's not a trivial thing it is a

huge big deal 95% of people go through

it when they're at some stage or another

in a relationship or non relationship so

you're not alone and if it's really

making you uncomfortable

you have to tackle it like you would

quitting smoking or going on like a

massive diet it's that big of a thing

like if you just let it go in some cases

we'll just peter out you know six months

to a year but what if during that time

you were able to have all that energy

back to yourself and have your own

thoughts like in your own mind and

focusing on your own life instead of

wasting all that energy on somebody

that's not reciprocating so here are

three kind of basic things you can do to

start that process and the first thing

would be to really work on changing your

thoughts because what happens when you

start to think about somebody all the

time is it becomes a habit

and the neurons firing in your brain

actually create like new like neural

pathways that that's the whole private

making process and so then your brain

and your mind gets into this habit of

like thinking thinking thinking so in

order to sort of start training it the

minute you think of him or her pivot to

something else and just start to think

about something else like it's almost

like telling yourself like you can't

have it and you know people think about

other people hundreds sometimes

thousands of times a day so if you can

just like get on that point where it's

like you know like right when something

comes up and you're like I and you want

to look at their social media or you

know check out what they're doing or

whatever just don't and then think about

something else and that is really hard

to do it's a kind of monumental but if

you start to do it as a practice it will

get easier and easier the second thing

is to practice mindfulness which is

really focusing on the present moment

and being fully present and like looking

at what you're doing to the exclusion of

all else and that will calm your energy

it will help you get more centered and

grounded and it will help you to sharpen

your awareness when you're thinking

about somebody a lot a part of your

physical like your energetic vibration

is with that person and that means

you're not fully in your body a part of

your consciousness is out there with

them and that makes you unable to focus

it makes you Spacey it makes you not as

powerful as you could be and you might

not show or exhibit signs of that of

like space enos or whatever but you

won't be as effective as you could be if

all your energy was with you right now

doing what you're doing and then the

third thing it's kind of a basic thing

as a part of the get them off your mind

thing is to try to really how could I

say this like it's a huge theme with

specifically women

it's where you think that somebody is a

different person than who they really

are so you kind of idolize that person

and imagine him to be a different person

than what he really is and then you're

kind of falling in love with that

version that you love for him to be and

when in reality he's not at all and he's

not like nearly as amazing or cool

because if he was he'd be into you and

you wouldn't have to be obsessing about

him so think about that and then take it

a step further and really think about

negative qualities and really train

yourself to realize this person is not

the be-all end-all of everything and

you're much better off channeling your

energy back into yourself so those are a

few things that help and just trust me

you are not alone there are so many

people that go through this all the time

you will get through it and for more

info on intuitive development and

spiritual development and on you know

getting your energy back and and

reclaiming your own vibration and and

getting people off of your mind if

you're in that kind of mode check out

Chris Shanti calm and if you'd like me

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things that I've experienced in doing

readings with other people please shoot

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