How To Stop Thinking About Her | 4 Tips!

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hi everyone I'm Apollonia plumpy you're

dating and relationship coach and

welcome to today's video in today's

video we are going to talk about I

cannot get over her and I can't stop

thinking about her now I know at this

moment it really freaking sucks because

it's like you're going to the grocery

store and you're thinking about her

you're going to the gym and you're still

thinking about her you wake up and

you're still thinking about her and

you're going to sleep and you're still

thinking about her to the point where it

is exhausting and you get go through so

many emotions you might get frustrated

you might be angry you might be sad you

might find yourself crying you might

find yourself in disbelief you might

even find yourself definitely going back

into the memories maybe how could I fix

this going back to the past to see what

you done wrong or what she did wrong

whatever the case may be now you can be

right now watching this video and

thinking about a girl that you're can't

really stop thinking about and the end

of the day maybe you're experiencing a

breakup or a separation or she just

needs space or you just broke up with

her because you knew that this wasn't a

relationship that was healthy for you

but you still have that love or desire

for her in this video I'm going to tell

you one thing there's no magic potion or

anything that you can do to diminish

these thoughts the best thing to tell

you is - as time goes on it becomes less

and less and less and yeah heartbreak

hurts and heartbreak and love sometimes

brings the best but also brings the

worst out of us at times but let me be

very clear about something and I'm gonna

give you steps on how to take better

action to control your thoughts moving

forward is I want to be really clear is

that relationships in our lives

give us the deepest desire for growth

that's why love is so important in life

people are born out of love and to

create another human or even to be born

as an act of love and at the end of the

day every human is born to be loved to

feel loved and to have love and

sometimes it's not always that easy

right but um

shanell pain can bring us so much growth

if we use that and we use the tools at

the right time every relationship and

everything that you do and you and you

commit to you in your life you end up

growing from and the only way that you

advance in life and you grow from and

you get that ultimate ultimate desire to

find the love of your life or to have

the love of your life or even maybe you

could experience something new and you

need to grow in your relationship or

your old relationship in order for you

guys to come back together whatever it

is personal growth is your biggest

driver in life to get the love that you

want and here are some tips on how to

continue to do this so you can focus on

your personal work in order to minimize

the thoughts that are going on in your

head number one is have compassion for

yourself not your ex not the girl that

you broke up with or whatever the case

may may be have compassion for yourself

we have so much guilt around love and

breakups especially and at the end of

the day when you will surround yourself

in guilt you stay stuck and in order to

move forward you have to recognize where

you didn't show up and forgive yourself

for that and work on the ways on how you

can move forward so it doesn't happen

again so number two is forgiving

yourself just like I said in compassion

because forgiveness is what ultimately

sets you free it's forgiving yourself

and forgiving others so let's just say

that you messed up

maybe you cheated maybe you got caught

on social media talking to another woman

or maybe you were just too needy and too

smothering for her and she just backed

away from you or maybe it was a

relationship that you didn't even want

you have so much guilt around this no

matter what even if you are the person

that broke up with someone there is

still guilt

there you have to learn to forgive

yourself and know that putting yourself

is deeply deeply desirable for you and

in order for you to attract exactly what

it is that you want so many of us live

for other people

for other things and we get good at

thing yes but we get horrible at saying

no so forgive yourself and see it in a

lens that you are moving forward and tip

number three is surround yourself around

people that love you that lift you up

and that bring you happiness not people

that are gonna say oh you did the wrong


oh come on let's go find some new girls

whatever you know what it takes for your

heart to heal I'll put a video up here

that can actually help us well if this

is something that you're experiencing

but at the end of the day you have to

realize that your surroundings are what

are going to make you grow so if there's

anything in your life that is sitting

setting you back now is the time to

reevaluate those behaviors and then last

tip is number four you want to keep busy

yes but also you want to try something

that you've been wanting to do for so

long keep busy maybe enroll in school

again take a class and something that

really does that makes you gratified

what is gonna make you feel gratified

right now whatever that answer is I

challenge you to do it if you liked

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