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the wise man changes his mind the fool

will never there can be no progress

without change

and no growth without renewal hi

i'm hc and watching this video until the


will help you understand yourself deeper

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positive thinking can be practiced and


anything rehearsed the more it is

repeated the better you get at it

according to its definition positive

thinking is a mental attitude

in which you expect good and favorable


in other words positive thinking is the

process of creating thoughts

that promote an optimal and opportune


simply put it is nourishing your mind

with the quality energy it needs

to function at the zenith of its


positive thoughts encourage healthy


a productive lifestyle as well as an

encouraging attitude to your peers a

positive mind awaits

fulfillment health and a constructive


in any situation this is why

knowing how to think positively is such

an important factor

on the journey of you becoming your best


so without further ado here are the


on how to think positively

step one replacement in this context

replacement is the act of substituting

negative thoughts with positive thoughts

immediately upon their inception

simply put as soon as a negative thought

enters your

mind replace it with a positive one

this practice will help exercise your

mind to become

more constructive about the events

happening in your life

for example say you have an exam that

you need to pass

next week and thus you have been


countless hours in preparation for the


even though you may be well prepared

negative thoughts and doubts may still


saying what if i forget everything

during the test

what if i'm not actually well prepared


i just think i'm well prepared

always remember thoughts are things

and those thoughts may lead to exactly

what they are suggesting

no matter how unlikely that reality may


practice replacement by immediately

replacing those thoughts

as they enter your mind with encouraging


such as i will remember everything

during the exam

and i will pass with flying colors or

i have done my best to be the most

prepared possible

i have a great chance of doing amazing

on this test

this does not mean to think on top of

those negative thoughts

this practice literally means to use the

energy dedicated to the negative


and transforming them into positive

thoughts manifesting your desires

as said by albert einstein energy

cannot be created or destroyed it can

only be changed from one form

to another therefore according to that

same concept

use all the energy that is being used

for negativity

and find ways to express them into


it may not be easy at first but through


your mind will become stronger and adapt


consistent positive thought give it a


step 2 create a mantra

as per its definition a mantra is a

statement or slogan

repeated frequently basically

sentences that you say to yourself


your words are much more powerful than

you think

and slowly but surely you begin to

believe what you say to yourself on a

regular basis

in this context creating a mantra is

creating a group of words or phrases

that you will repeat to yourself

whenever you feel lost

alone down or in doubt

in the same way that corporations use

consistent advertising

to tell you the same message over and

over and

over until you believe in and stand by

their products

you will create sentences to repeat to

yourself as often as necessary

until you believe in and stand

by yourself creating a mantra

and repeating it frequently will

encourage your belief in the mantra

which will in turn encourage its


just like when you hear a song that you

don't like at first listen

but after hearing it so many times

on so many different occasions you start

to think

well i guess the song is not that bad

and you realize you already know all of

the lyrics

with your personal mantras your mind

will work in the same way

however this time with positive


encouraging a life of fulfillment

your mantra could be simple as it could

be long and complex

but always be sure that it is true to


step 3 refuse to stop at failure

failure is a state of mind to believe

that failure is the end

is a choice not only is failure

a necessary element to your success to


means that there's an open opportunity

to do better on your next attempt

this simply implying that failure is

only finite if you accept to stop trying

the only thing that can truly stop your

progress in this reality

is not being alive at all therefore

in failure you are either learning to

accomplish what you are meant to


or learning that you should use your

skills elsewhere

refusing failure means to continue to

manifest your truth at any cost

except that you can accomplish anything

you put your mind to

changing your perception of failure will

encourage positive avenues

for your mind to create with

step 4 accept your growth

accepting your growth is coming to terms

with the natural phenomena of change

as your dreams are manifested you will

dream bigger

and differently than you once did and as

life progresses your ideas will grow

it is important not to work against

yourself by trying to live a dream that


outdated to you this means

don't cling to old dreams out of habit

out of the desire to impress people or

to keep a consistent image of yourself

as all things in nature you mature

and change think of your life as the

life of a butterfly

at first you are but a caterpillar

imagine crawling slowly to get to your


as a caterpillar your biggest goal might

be to

get the food on the tree branch crawling

as fast as you could

because that is all you know it is

impossible for you to

know the feeling of being crystallized

inside of a cocoon

you have never experienced it going into

the cocoon

is the beginning of a new you and thus

the death of the old you once

inside the cocoon you will have cocoon

thoughts and

a cocoon life experience again

you have no idea of the feeling and the

mind frame

of what is to come in the next step of

your life

all you have is now it is not possible

for you to know the feeling of flapping

your wings

you have never had wings but alas

you change again once you are out of the


you will instinctively learn to flap

your wings

and fly away as a caterpillar

your greatest desires will be different

than those in your life as a cocoon

which will also differ from those in

your life as a butterfly

your life experience works in the same


as this example accept your growth

and don't be afraid to change your ideas

as you change

as said by raymond hollywell

the wise man changes his mind the fool

will never

there can be no progress without change

and no growth

without renewal step five

be thankful show gratitude

for the things you have a great way to


thinking positively is to become

cognizant of the things that you have

been blessed with so far

from the people in your life to the

possessions you own

to your health being thankful is a great

way to begin your journey in positive


enumerating the things you are thankful

for may even remind you

that your state of mind has been

negative for some time

always remember there was a time you

wished for everything you have now

always give thanks

step six positive actions

this simply implies to partake in small

positive actions throughout your day

these actions will accumulate and

encourage a sense of ease

and even accomplishment despite a not so

great day

especially when your mind has consistent

and often

self-sabotaging thoughts doing positive

or partaking in constructive actions in

spite of how you may feel

will encourage a sense of pride and

contentedness with self

these actions could vary from kind

gestures to small tasks on your to-do


although it may not seem like much

during the action

once they accumulate you'll begin to

feel proud of yourself

for everything you did despite going

through what you believe to be negative

this will encourage positive thoughts

about yourself

and stimulate positive thoughts on the

perspective of your days


so that's it people those are the six

steps on how to think positively

and to start moving forward today thank

you for watching this video until the


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