3 Scientifically Proven Methods To Become Smarter

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hey what's up everybody so hopefully in

this video you'll be finding out how you

can actually optimize yourself to think

faster smarter and better I've been

spending a lot of time thinking about

certain principles and certain

methodologies for anybody anywhere in

the world to apply in your life so they

can kind of optimize the way they think

so you're about to kind of learn certain

philosophies and principles from way

smarter people than I pretty much what

I've done is I've kind of summarized

their thought process and how they view

the world individuals such as Elon Musk

individuals such as Richard Fineman okay

so I'm going to break down this category

or I'm going to break down this video in

different sections the first section

when we talking about over here is

number one is how the brain works

see when most people when they when they

look at see when most people when they

look at kind of becoming smarter or

thinking faster they always look at

adding more into life to look at the

next hack they look at the next maybe

like drug or they look at all these kind

of cheats they're trying to go from from

here to there without the actual work

without the actual journey and above all

most importantly without actually

creating a foundation for you to have a

sustainable way of thinking so we have

to understand for your body or for your

brain to work efficiently it needs

healthy levels of neurotransmitters say

dopamine serotonin gaba adrenalin

norepinephrine all these neural hormones

and neurotransmitters have to be at the

proper levels for your body and brain to

be functioning properly and then we can

go into different categories we can be

talking about the healthy fats in your

body omega-3 omega-6 omega-9 then added

B vitamins in vitamin b3 612 etc these

are the ingredients in the recipe to

have a healthy mind and the problem

today is people aren't eating healthy

they're eating a lot of you know high

fructose corn syrup they're eating a lot

of junk foods they're not giving the

body the brain donessa

very tools to create these

neurotransmitters there are hormones and

all these vitamin B's and vitamin DS

okay so the first step the first thing

you guys got to do to optimize your mind

is you gotta get your diet on par I'm

not going to go into the dogmatic views

of which diet is best I'm gonna tell you

what works for me and I'll tell you what

works in studies for me personally very

low carb ketogenic diet does wonders for

me high fat not high protein I put in

the MCT oils the avocados the butter the

steaks but but I'm a little bit more on

the side of the pescetarian side where I

get a lot of fish a lot of seafood

because it has Omega 3s and I think it

has a more mineral density than the lion

animals okay so low-carb ketogenic diet

you can go on PubMed you can go Google

Scholar I don't care what you do search

it out yourself

but that's the first place I would start

personally would be a low carb ketogenic


second of all once you got your diet on

pack I'll try to figure out your

sleeping schedule because listen your

body repairs a night time it doesn't

repair it during the day and a lot of

studies actually last year are many

studies came out showing that when we

sleep in proper rhythm your body

actually recycles certain plaque off

your cells in your mind and they've

linked to people who have very bad sleep

may causation would say multiple

sclerosis because it's issues with

Parkinson disease etc so organize your

sleep get that get get that get that on

point in your life I don't give a

what excuses you have I don't want to

hear it get your sleep in order what I

do is around say oh right now it's

wintertime so it sucks but around 6


give or take when Sun sets here in

Canada I put on blue light blocker

glasses and basically what I do is I

also lower down the temperature so the

room is very cold I'm not really

surrounded by electronics anytime past 8

o'clock so I go to bed at 10 o'clock so

two hours before bed I'm out of the

reading books usually does what I do or

sometimes I like

on something called a mandala for

coloring book either-or I'm not on

electronics I'm blocking the artificial

blue light I go to bed I wake up

everyday at five o'clock in the morning

I shine this light bright box ten

thousand locks with infrared laser on

that side and then I do wim HOF

breathing in the morning for four to ten

minutes fantastic and then since it's

winter time over here there's no vitamin

D I go tanning about three to five times

a week for five minute sessions with a

uva/uvb mixture of bulbs okay that's my

routine when it comes to diet and when

it comes to lifestyle and obviously it's

up to you what you want to include

anything else certain workouts yet

either whatever okay dykes number one

lifestyle is number one number two okay

number two is this knowing how your

program so my biggest beef I'm gonna

describe some water my biggest beef when

it comes to anybody telling you how to

do something and this includes me is

they paint it as the absolute answer to

anything in in science there is no

absolute answer to anything in fact

science is far the only thing that's

evolving constantly so for example

Galileo said 500 years ago that the

earth is round everyone said he's crazy

and they actually killed people for

saying the earth is round but the issue

right now is people read something and

like this must be must be the answer the

readout that must be the answer that's

not the case and what I mean by finding

out how you're wired or how your program

is figuring out the cycles of your body

the cycles of your mind for example

myself I'm a very early bird I wake up a

5:00 a.m. I don't need any priming I'm

literally up I do my things and I get

from 5:00 a.m. to like 11 o'clock I get

a lot of work done

I have no distractions I crunch a

ton of work in that small period of time

because that to my mind is most optimal

for work the most optimal to connect the

dots between certain tasks whether that

is email replying talking to my

employees whatever it may be it doesn't

matter my brain is most optimal for

getting done right before lunchtime

now after lunch time my mind tends to

slow down that's all

an aspect that that is bad but so data

aspect it switches gears it's more

creativity so as the day progresses

later my mind becomes more creative so

it's not really more about the hustle

it's about thinking outside the box

maybe doing exercise to kind of

stimulate the contrarian model thinking

or how evil must thinks which role gets

into a little bit okay so you got to

figure out how your program you can't go

against the grain if you're not a

morning person you're going to try to do

morning things and try to learn in the

morning or read a book in the morning

you do exercise in the morning we were

mathematics it's not going to fly if you

understand yourself you understand that

in the evening you're more open to more

creative work than you do the creative

work in the evening or opposite if you

in the morning you know that you're

creative individual maybe then you do

your your whatever you want to do the

morning whether you want to learn a new

language or whether you want to absorb

more information from a book it really

doesn't matter but know thyself and

honestly you know yourself so there's

really no exercise to it hey you already

know how you're wired okay so that was

the second thing is knowing yourself

okay so moving along into really

understanding how a person thinks and

this is individualized and how a person

absorbs information because we've been

programmed through school certain people

have been programmed through Society and

school to think in a very linear model

and the thinking is one two three four

five ABCD efg as opposed to the human

the human mind is naturally programmed

to think in fractal terms meaning it

goes from a to z z GG to QQ 2 r etc

doesn't go into linear path it's very

fractal like fractal geometry or fractal

mathematics and that's how the univer

universe works naturally as well so that

being said when wanting to learn

something new the whole idea of you just

picking something up and reading it from

A to Z it doesn't fly this is where

Yvonne musk comes in he has a great

principle and the principle is just

people tie things to stories like oh

that thing is green because of yada

the INA or that thing or did he hear

what she said it's always attached to

some type of mythos or some type of

story as opposed how Elon Musk's thinks

and same thing how rich are finding

things they both have exactly the same

way or same model thinking is this find

out the basic principles of that subject

that you're trying to learn let's say

it's a new language as opposed to just

trying to learn random words or trying

to learn say just the alphabet of the

language what is the most common

principles no matter what in that

language so you then you know you do

your research and then you do a deep

dive so this goes back to the foundation

what is the foundational principles of

this language or maybe you're studying a

book let's save the books about

investment so what is the foundational

principles of basic investments in a

stock market or basic investments as an

angel investor then you write down these

basic principles and these principles

are set in stone in these principles is

what kind of determines your thought

pattern because on the journey of

reading on the journey of becoming

smarter and on a journey of absorbing

information faster you will base your

new information you've acquired against

the principles that dictate the subject

that you are learning and in essence you

become scientists because what

scientists do is they gather data and

they take that data and they correspond

it to set theater theory or thesis they

had at the beginning to see if they are

correct ok so basically what you can do

is no matter what you're doing new

language mathematics reading a book

understand and this is where your own

hypothesis comes in you can go in Google

doesn't matter you can literally have a

cue card but understand the core

principles of that topic ok ok the next

thing is quite simple and this is what

it is most people now I will say

generally most except for a few most

people when they want to learn something

new they tend to crutch same thing I

could do in college University they'll

spend maybe two three months crunching

on this topic leave it alone and then

never come back to it however that's a

mistake and it's proven in science that

for you to absorb any knowledge or

information you must constantly force

your body to regurgitate it on at random

times what this means is the whole idea

of you studying a topic the same topic

every single day is outdated and this

goes back directly what we talked about

before is a human mind does not work

linearly doesn't work one two three so

if you're studying something say in the

morning based on how you're wired you're

studying a new language maybe Spanish

all up you're studying new language and

you're starting maybe you're studying

today certain phrases your sudden today

may be how to add verbs or writing

whatever may be and what you can do is

you don't study the same thing every

single day so if you're studying Spanish

every single day what they would

recommend what I recommend is you switch

it up maybe study Spanish three days out

of the week and two days maybe do

something else in the morning or maybe

you studied German or Russian it doesn't


in the following week you want to study

Spanish again in regurgitate that

information the whole idea is you want

to regurgitate information you want to

force your body to go back into your

database into your mind and recall what

you learn and this creates a new neural

pathways that you need to actually

connect the dots on what you learn in

the past so the whole idea of just

picking up the same thing every single

day and doing the same thing for

Einstein said before is a definition and

sanity so take breaks go back and what's

great about this is you get a new set of

eyes or ears or whatever and you

actually absorb information much more

efficiently because your body now

subconsciously is creating connections

that you never thought of before in the

first place okay I'm a firm believer in

controlling your stress and what I mean

by stress is a symptomatic stress and


an experience because most people when

it comes to learning they want to learn

by force nature so they think that

they're forced to learn because society

is selling to society is telling them to

learn or they're forced to learn by the

employer whatever it really doesn't

matter with me but under that

circumstances you feel stressed and I

don't think so under any circumstances

you should feel stressed for learning

learning should be a meta meta skill and

you should be fun you should curiosity

and there is no failure and learning or

fail stands for first attempt in

learning so I'm a firm believer and

actually understanding how your brain is

wired certain apps you can use your

devices such as headspace is really good

EMU's is really good any biofeedback

tools actually one of the best resource

for that is a heart math Institute check

them out they have an M wave one and M

wave two which you can track your alpha

beta delta theta waves on the mind which

is really good so kind of summarizing

this and looking at the general aspect

or the general thesis of becoming

smarter in absorbing information it's

really not an easy fix solution it's

it's having a sustainable lifestyle it's

eating healthy to give your brain the

necessary tools to have a functioning

optimal brain it's having a proper

lifestyle once again to give your body

the necessary tools to function

optimally it's also thinking very

contrarian thinking in principles

thinking in just basic terms this is

this is what this is why Elon Musk is so

good at what he does this is why Richard

Fineman was one of the best scientist


because Richard Fineman said it's not

enough just knowing something people

know something oh the color of the bird

or he talks about the bird story you

know that bird is this or the different

language now bird is called that the

bird is called this but you know nothing

of the bird you don't know how the bird

is a the anatomy of the bird you don't

know the heritage of the bird you don't

know where the bird goes in the winter

where the bird goes in summer so I think

there's a disease or most people they

can recall things but they don't

understand it and well Elon Musk does

and what Richard Feynman did is they

understand the subject that they're

talking about they understand everything

so when you look at the smells you can't

just say the mouse moves

of energy what do you mean because of

energy no the mass moves because I have

my hand my hand is mechanically moving

them in well how does my hand work well

my hand works because there's nerves and

neurons going up to my brain my brain

works because of XY and Z so once you

understand how a topic works then you

can truly end it actually once

understand our topic works then you can

actually educate somebody and that's the

true test of knowing a topic or knowing

a subject is if you can now take what

you learn you truly understand it

repackage it in your own way and teach

others then that's when you become the

master hope this helps and like always

if you find valuing this video like this

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what you do what's your kind of

strategies and tactics and that's it