Systems Thinking - How to Think in Systems

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systems-thinking means to see the world

in systems and this will help you to

understand life better and change life

to the better and you will realize that

wherever you look in life there will be

most likely some sort of system behind

your emotions our system maybe your

romantic partner left you and you feel

hurt and pain maybe at some point this

makes you feel angry this leads to some

sort of behavior

now the underlying feeling of anger was

pain this behavior makes you maybe feel

disappointed in yourself because it did

something stupid

whatever there is a system behind any

relationships with other human beings

are a system your business is a system

even though you don't have any employees

there's a system your stream of income

may be your website where the customers

go this is a system and you can improve

that strategically but later we will

talk about much more about more specific

examples in all areas in life so in this

video first of all we're going to define

systems thinking what is a system

also we're going to talk about how do

normal people non systems thinker

thinkers see reality and how can you

improve that and how do people think who

see life in systems and basically we

will answer this with a third point but

we really go into examples also very

specific here and go into examples in

all areas in life and lastly I will even

share a personal example which helped me

to understand part in my life much

better and by taking the systematic

approach actually improving and changing

my life



let's first of all get into the theory a

system by definition has three aspects

first of all it has some sort of

elements and those elements are though

connected and they serve a purpose of

function I they influence each other in

some way so a bookshelf I have here my

bookshelves with almost all the books I

read and I yeah I actually have a system

behind there I ordered them in some ways

in one corner I have like the most

important books then I also sorted them

regarding the topics is that a system no

it's not because yes the elements but

they don't really have like any function

and purpose and influence each other

it's just basically an order but it's

not the system in itself he is also one

key sentence the system is more than the

sum of its parts

so if you add all elements together yeah

that's that's nice but actually if you

see the system as a whole it's much more

than just adding all the elements

together because there's something new

that is created something more together

we're strong together we can create

something new much bigger than ourselves

this is basically what the system is

thinking and also understand that you

can't really make a cut and say okay

this is one system and this life is

complex basically everything is

connected to everything and where a

system ends and where new one starts

depends on the purpose of the discussion

what is the issue what do you want to

look at and then you can decide ok those

are more supports the most important

factors and here we have to cut it

because yes there's awesome influence

but it's not most important most

relevant for us right now

keep that in mind life is super

extremely complex

if you are looking at life in a non

systematic way you are missing out those

people only see components they never

see the entire big picture in the system

behind they don't look beyond the

horizon they don't see the sum of its


that's why they take decisions that may

be on the short-term seem smart but

actually on the long-term those are bad

decisions and you could have predicted

that if you look more of that in a

systematic way if you have having an

online business and you're looking at

things in a non systematic way you just

care about leads to the website you just

want to have a lot of people getting to

your website if you look at it from a

more systematic approach you realize

okay there's entire system behind I need

to make sure that my customers are happy

I need to have a good customer service I

need to invest in that as well I not

only should care about the costs how

many people get to my website but

actually how much does it at the end

cost me to actually generate a client

maybe to generate a coaching client for

me how much does it cost me how much

advertisement you need to spend how can

I make sure that people are actually

happy with my coaching program how can I

get clients that are actually interested

and exactly what I'm talking about

and how can I build a better

relationship and make sure that they

feel worthy and they feel like I can

understand them and genuinely help them

and actually how can I make sure that

they actually even after the coaching

program still stick around still feel

happy still feel like they actually got

results I also need to care about this

this is a much bigger perspective on the

long run this will serve my business

much much more than just try to really

just focus on sales and leads and just

directly convert some clients not gonna

help me in the long run optimally also

people who don't look at things and

systems they are linear thinkers if I

spent 2,000 I get four clients if I

spend four thousand then I get eight

clients and it always will be like that


another key sentence is playing the game

changes the rules quick examples with

fish people are fishing in the ocean

they sell fish at some point there's

fewer fish which makes the fish itself

more expensive which leads to more

people actually starting this business

and fishing more because it's more

profitable so the less fish the more

people are actually fishing which is not

a linear system which is actually

there's an exponential growth or

basically an exponential decrease of

fish in the ocean and yes maybe there

are some taxes which are some possible

regulations but maybe those taxes are

not really helping maybe there should be

more an indication of how much fish is

in the ocean and then there should be

some regulation and feedback loop which

should be much faster than it is right

now right now it's a very delayed

feedback loop it takes time which is not

the optimal thing but here there's no

linear change there was an exponential

change because playing the game fishing

changes the rules there's less fish it's

more expensive more profitable

interesting so right you have to take

this into account very important linear

thinkers and non systems thinkers don't

see that it don't look so far ahead they

don't know what is happening and that

this will change reality and will change

the rules and the first point is to

actually admit that you don't know

simple-minded people for them it's

everything is clear up oh you thought

about this for hours I know the results

let's just go this Way's gonna be great

see that life is complex

don't be so dogmatic and if you actually

gain this attitude and take a step back

and first of all look at things a little

bit ask some other people try to

contemplate and then make a decision

this will already help you much better

to see life in systems

alright let's actually look into some

examples with some examples we go a

little bit more in-depth with some a

little bit less and let's start with a

very physical one which is your body

which is full of systems there is the

digestive system the immune system there

is the lymph system there all sort of

systems and within those systems our

systems for example your organs your

liver your liver is a system it works in

a systematic approach and maybe you play

football or played football in the past

or any team sports a football team is a

system not only psychologically that

there are some leaders and you know

everything and it works together well

and obviously then there are some

struggles if leather-like two leaders

two people want to be leaders there are

some struggle here because there are

some systemic problem here but even very

functionally when we go into American

football there is a quarterback there's

the running back who needs to be fast

and quick and then it works as a system

and only together you're the strongest

the strongest team is not the one with

the single best player but that works

best together as a system because again

the system is more than the sum of its

parts this is when it really can

function the best way any community by

the way every single community is some

sort of system great leaders make sure

that they're not the best person in the


but that they actually enable other

people to function optimally and get

support and work optimally in the system

this is the best way drinking coffee is

the system right you you maybe feel

tired which leads you to oh I should

drink a cup of coffee you drink that

maybe you drink a second cup then the

feedback loop is coming in and you

realize oh I'm a bit shaky and I'm super

alert maybe I should not drink a third

one ah thank you for the feedback right

feedback loops are very important in a

system actually if you have a business

make sure that you have feet

Luc's people don't like to be

accountable an accountability get some

reports see how things are going this is

a feedback loop and a lot of people and

business they lack feedback loops and

you as a CEO got to make sure that this

is happening basically your task as a

CEO is to create a system that is

working on its own and you're not

working for the system but you rather

build the system around that is self

sustaining itself organized and make

sure that there are a lot of feedback

loops in there it can be emotionally

difficult to look at that and be like

okay what is going wrong here what is

going right here but feedback loops are

very very key make people accountable

only this is then also how a system can

work also in some systems there are some

reinforcing feedback loops this is

basically when what we saw in the

phishing example the more fish has fish

the less fish there is which leads to

more people fishing because it's more

profitable this is then a feedback loop

is coming in and this is then

reinforcing the entire thing it's the

same with the corona virus some people

get the flu on the corona which leads to

more people getting the flu over Corona

right because the more people are there

the more people can get infected but

it's not an exponential growth because

every system has a limit because there

are some physical limitations right yes

there were some some some reactions from

governments and everything that ensured

that it's not growing exponentially so

fast but generally it would not happen

anyway because we only have 8 billion

people in the planet Earth so at some

point the growth would flatten anyway

question is just when but as never

exponential growth forever it's the same

in the economy it's not happening that

there's exponential growth all the time

it's a limited system that needs to be a

recession and depression at some point

know that expect that again playing the

game changes the rules this is this

thing right it's the more people than

they are the more people are already

infected we

means that can't be an exponential

growth understand that every

organization every country of the

government every business is an organ is

a system and you might ask yourself why

do systems work they seem like they work

in a self-sustainable way wise is

happening well there are actually three

three factors important for that first

of all the system is resilient also

often because of those feedback loops

right because if anything is happening

it's unstable there are some feedback

loops there are the system reacts in a

certain way make sure that the

homeostasis of this system is staying

the same way and you want to make sure

that a system is resilient otherwise it

breaks apart it's also self-organized so

you don't always need to like add

something to the system that it works

it's working on its own this is your job

also as a CEO and also some systems have

hierarchies basically all of the systems

most of the systems and they basically

just ensure and serve the lower

hierarchies that things are working

right this is basically the concept of a

whole long there's one huge system your

entire body then there's a sub system a

sub whole long which is your immune

system or your digestive system and then

there are some organs in there which are

systems in it systems right there always

systems and systems and systems so there

are some hierarchies though the higher

hierarchy is always serving the lower

ones it's not about being higher and

better it's more about really serving

the high actually you serve the lower

hierarchies this is the mindset you have

to get some people in organizations

don't have this mindset they more want

to suppress the lower people but this is

also then when a system is not working

optimally another important point is

that every system always has limitations

and if you want to build a system from

scratch they're often physical structure

needed and the best way to actually

build the best system is to initially

just be aware about this plan the growth

and build the right physical structures

that I needed again this is also for

example related to a company to a

business this is most the most

limitation a system is really physical

structures Darrin it's not just not able

to put more people into one country or

it's just not able to produce more of of

the material the product because the the

company is not big enough this is then

when when limitations kick in make sure

that you have as few limitations as

possible if you want to grow as much as

possible also I refer again to Abraham

Maslow a psychologist who also came up

with the pyramid of needs he actually

also talked about management and he said

the better system basically is working

the more synergy there is the more it

effects each other I mean just imagine

the company that people get along with

each other what are they going to do

they communicate more which leads to the

system working better if people don't

like each other they not communicating

anymore there's not so much influence on

each other between those elements which

makes the system not work as well so you

want to make sure that there's a lot of

communication you you achieve this by

creating a high synergy very very

important communication and people then

it's always very important in

relationships romantic relationships


groups and a football team make sure

that people communicate there's a great

synergy very important to build a very

good system let's look at a bigger

picture drug addiction and society is a

systemic problem depression in society

is this systemic problem overweight is a

systemic problem nobody intends to

create an overweight or a depressed

society and there are multiple reasons

why this has happened

for example for depression people feel

lonely people may be followed junk well

use why do they follow junk well use oh

there's another bunch of reasons behind

that because of social media and

whatever they see there how they get

socially conditioned what's important in

life getting rich or whatever following

that I'm junk well used to not making

you happy the society how it is

structured this is in this

individualistic society you feel more

lonely having a lack of purpose not

feeling like you have autonomy in your

job not connecting to nature tons of

dozens of other reasons which make you

feel depressed and if this adds up then

depression kicks in nobody created a

system where people get depressed but it

just happens just happened over time and

again playing the lute playing the game

changed the rules and then stuff happens

and you need to look at it in a

systematic approach and change changed

right change the right point of

obviously you don't have influence on

everything be aware about this but make

sure okay what are the most important

factors what do we have most most power

over what could we change it's a

systemic problem if you think those

topics are easy to solve you're probably

not a systemic thinker and you're

probably not seeing reality as it is the

solar system is also very

straightforward system and it's

connected it's working

also there are systems and systems and

systems right and there's the earth the

ecosystem the entire solar system at

different systems and systems also how

the planets are connected with the

gravity and this is all a system yeah I

think those gave you plenty of examples

lastly I would like to give you a

personal example I actually just call

this person randomly Hannah and

Hanan as a person always likes to bori

likes to tell people what could go wrong

and this is basically what she always

told me I personally got annoyed by this

so I tried to push your way back hey and

reacting in an annoying way which heard

though made made her to talk about those

talks even more we said hey like listen

to me this is important you could do

this and this watch out here and there

just again not annoying me even more so

there was was it's reinforcing feedback

loop of having an bad relationship

basically and I started to look at it

from a systemic approach Nate okay


and why is hannah doing this what is

what is happening here does she not get

enough appreciation why she's scared

what happened in her past oh there was

some stuff going on in her past she

feels really worried about losing

another person there's some lack of

appreciation lack of love maybe and

she's not dealing with this hurt

optimally which makes her feel overly

cautious and not wanting to lose me and

this is why she becomes so anxious but

I'm just getting annoyed and she's

basically reaching the opposite by

basically putting something between us

it rips us apart because I'm getting

more annoyed she's more boring and this

was this endless loop and then I

understood oh if she is missing

something she feels insecure she feels

afraid that something happens to me

maybe I should give her more

acknowledgement and not push her away

but more appreciate that and be like hey

I know you're caring about me I know

this happened to you in the past

somebody got hurt somebody even died I'm

sorry about this

I appreciate you worrying about me I

will take care by embracing this with

love this was a game changer for me it's

so hard to actually talk about with her

rationally and say hey do you see what

you're doing with your talking the tenth

time now within one hour about this

topic this is annoying by saying this

brutally into your face it just it just


worse by just randomly giving her a hack

and taking it more lightheartedly

and embracing it with love she was

instantly able to switch actually topics

and we could talk about something else

interesting right so counterintuitive

and paradoxical if you don't look at it

from a systematic approach right

if usually if something is the paradox

for you you just don't see the bigger

picture because there are no paradoxes

in life right if you be very

narrow-minded it's the paradox what is

happening here but if you look at the

system you look oh it actually makes

sense because she lacked some

appreciation some acknowledgement and by

giving her this with love she actually

stops doing this or at least less

interesting right so we have this

feedback loop this negative one and by

actually taking another approach and

helping her with what she's lacking

where she was not able to fill this lag

on her own so I supported her with this

and basically helped her to grow

personally we solved the issue at least

it improved significantly and this

really improved our relationship so this

is how systems thinking can really

improve your life and change your life

to the better on so many levels actually

on any level now subscribe this youtube

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changing your thinking changing your own

systems and yeah leave some comments

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possible I hope this this worked out but

still obviously I didn't discuss

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