5 Things You Didn't Know About Pony Town

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hello and welcome to another wonderful


watchout skele has a saw anyway today we

are going to be talking about five

things you probably didn't know that you

could do in pony town so starting off

with number one we're gonna teach you

how you can get out into the void how

how you can get out into all this won't

black space out here how how can you get

out into that well believe it or not

there is indeed a way to get out into

that void to do this all you're gonna

need is a saw like I have here and

you're going to take out a wall like so

maybe take out this one too because I

can't fit their stand exactly where that

wall was and place the wall inside of

you and if you've done everything

correctly you can walk out step out go

straight up and you're in the void this

is pretty much as far out as you can go

you cannot go up any higher than this

you can't really go out any any like any

distance really to love to ride or

anything I'm not really sure why this is

like this I I can only assume that maybe

it has something to do with like the

bookshelves and some of the furniture

because some of the furniture if you

place it near the edge part half of it

will go out into the void I think maybe

they had to like move the barrier back

further just a tiny bit for that to work

I don't know why that's only that's the

only theory I have for this you can do

anything back here you can lay down you

can hide behind the wall so that you're

completely invisible maybe you make some

kind of game out of this maybe it's like

oh I bet you can't find me or maybe you

invite some friends over to your pony

town Island house party thing party

house or whatever and you beat them

there you load your house and you're

able to get out into the void so they

can get into the house and then they

won't find you in there like where are

you and then maybe you can say something

like this maybe you can say hey well

actually yeah there goes a little hay

right up there in this at the top and

I'm like what what is going on maybe

maybe you can confuse your friends

whatever else the only thing about this

is if you're out here in the void if you

if you remove the wall or do something

to the wall that allows you to get out

into the void you will teleport back

inside the house yeah there we go yeah I

think it wasn't gonna worry that's a

little neat little trick that you can do

and yeah moving on to number 2 you can

remove and replace the party town island

toolbox that's usually over here in the

corner so if you don't know if it's

already gone

can do slash restore toolbox and the

toolbox will return that's right your

toolbox is back how is that possible

it's back because I use this restore

toolbox command you can also remove it

again with / remove toolbox and it will

be removed that's right the toolbox is

gone now what you can do about it

so that's something that you may or may

not know I have been in people's part of

town Island party house bang I need a

better name for this I've been into

people's uh part of pony town homes

before where they've had the toolbox and

I've had to tell them like hey you know

if you use slash remove tool box it will

be gone right I know like what oh my god

I didn't know that and then that then

they would remove and they'd be happy

moving on to the next thing we're in the

party town Island house party house so

uh let's just step outside and talk

about some of the stuff outside so if

you don't know there's flowers like this

across the map but this one's here year

round you can actually pick these up you

can actually pick them up just click it

and you will pick it up and you can

carry it around this is actually

something that I didn't know until

fairly recently when I randomly ran into

a pony that just had a flower in their

mouth I was like where did you where did

you get that flower since one of their

flowers I thought it was part of the new

update that they had recently where they

added like this / clean house command

and stuff like that I thought it was

part of that that that little update but

it wasn't it was actually just part of

the map is just something that's always

been there that I didn't personally know

about which kind of makes me feel dumb

but it is what it is you can pick up

flowers now I don't know why more people

don't have flowers in their in their

mouths but uh I don't know it's

interesting to say the least

moving on we have number 4 which is if

you go up to these mines up here you go

right inside if you think of one of

these crystals and then go to a lantern

box like so you can get yourself a

little crystal lantern that's right a

little crystal lantern and you can carry

that around it actually gives off light

as you can see if I go over to this dark

space oh yeah you can also get into

cards haha bonus ah

if you go over into dark corners like

this you can actually light up the area

so these things actually work as lights

it's very nice I've seen people use like

blue o C's and stuff like that and mix

them together to create some very very

beautiful stuff but yeah that's that's

number four you can actually get crystal

lanterns and some people don't know how

to and

how you do it you just go and you grab

yourself a crystal and then you go and

grab yourself a lantern now you actually

keep them next to each other for that

moving on to number five the final one

here you may you may notice that there's

a pony here and how how are they up

there I don't know I can't get up there

I can't I can't walk through here how

did how did they get there I don't I

don't understand huh how is it possible

how how are they up there let me in and

we may or may not know how to get up

here but essentially you have to be a

Pegasus or have wings of some kind you

can fly over this fence land here and

this is literally the only way to get in

or out of this space so if I switch back

over to skele then I'm trapped in here

forever until I switch back to a Pegasus

or batpony or whatever that will have

wings and allow me to fly out of here

this is literally the only space on the

map that only pegasi or winged creatures

can get to I just find that very

interesting because they used to have a

space that only pegasi and stuff like

that could get to called the the island

I called it personally Pegasus Solomon

because you had to have wings to get

there but the ID of the swim mechanic

and stuff like that

now now waned creatures have their own

space to them once again just a quick

bonus one here for you all just because

I loved you so much you cannot fly over

the benches for whatever reason you

cannot fly over benches but you can't

fly over torches and you can also fly

over pretty much anything except barrels

presence and for some reason these for

some reason benches and barrels you

cannot fly over I don't know why they

have yet to change that but you can fly

over everything including like a bow I

guess you can't fly over these either I

thought you could you can't fly over

that sort of thing there's actually a

lot you can't fly over which I find very

interesting but you can't fly over

benches you cannot fly over barrels and

you cannot fly over toy stash presents

thing that you find on the map you also

cannot fly over to these for some reason

these leaf piles for some reason you

cannot fly over leaf piles you can fly

over pretty much everything else except

signs lanterns just to reiterate here

you cannot fly over anything that's in a


anything anything barrel anything signed

for some reason anything that's a leaf

pile anything that's a bench anything

that's a barrel I think I mention that

one already but yours

toy stash present box things you cannot

fly over any of that for whatever reason

I don't know why they never added it but

you cannot fly over that stuff and you

can fly over pretty much anything else

but anyway that's the bonus one there

that I have for you guys here today so

that's gonna that's gonna conclude the

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that's gonna do for the video like I

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enjoy that