How to Go Viral On Quora and Have Your Answers Seen by Hundreds of Thousands of People!

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how to go completely and totally viral

on Quora

that's all I want to tell you this video

I think it's straight into it I'm not

gonna do the whole intro here on my

laptop you can see I've got Korra here

clearly you know what it is always you

wouldn't have searched how to cook viral

on Korra and how to get your answers

seen by thousands so I just want to show

you this method okay and this method is

really straight to the point in the

reason I'm making this video is because

I couldn't find anyone else who was

doing something similar with this kind

of information and I wanted to tell you

so first I'm gonna show you I told this

method to my brother Josh and he posted

a video sorry he posted an answer and

within 24 hours he had over 20,000 views

and you can see here he's now on 36,000

views and he only person whose answer I

believe it was Thursday or Friday and

he's already on 36,000 views it's insane

this really makes you the viral and then

for me I posted an answer with the exact

same the exact same tactics and I've got

15,000 views so this really really

skyrocket your Korra answers so how do

we do it so let's just get into it we go

into what the little core right and then

click your picture at the top and go to

ads manager if you haven't set up an ads

manager on call you have got to do that

first so set up an ad manager once you

do that you'll take it to your ads

account so click create campaign right

and again I wanted to get straight into

the point of this video so once you've

created your campaign so once you click

create campaign just go through and

click test or write test conversion

doesn't matter conversion type it

doesn't matter amount it doesn't matter

we're not actually gonna run any ads

we're not actually going to spend any

money this is just so we can see which

Cora answers get the most amount of

views because if you go to Cora right

let's just go quickly back to Cora and

we want to answer questions in the make

money online niche right so we give us

the make money online it's got a lot of

followers and we give it through so

there's seven that every time you press

the button you don't wanna lose a minute

of your life how many times

this is stupid question here we go how

can I earn 30 to 50 dollars per day

online this seems like a good question

so I mean I would want to answer because

it's in my knees should get people

interested in what I have to offer in

the overall you know just in my general

niche so I want to show that I can

actually answer this question so I would

click this and it's got 1200 photos I've

actually really nuts for it but it's got

1200 followers and a hundred plus

answers now I have no idea how many


this post is getting per week it doesn't

say anywhere there's no way to find that

out and it doesn't matter if a post has

10,000 followers and hundreds of answers

because that could be from a while ago

right we don't know if that post is

still popular to this day that could

have been popular two three months ago

now this whole ad idea that I'm telling

you let's go to this back to this tab

right so I'm back on create a campaign

okay this whole idea is to see what's

popular in here and now so questions

once we're here this is the second page

you don't have to put a name in your ad

set we want to go from targeting type to

topics all the way to questions once

you've done that you want to pick bulk

ad right now that you've done Bob ad and

we want to just put one word maybe two

words so let's say business click

continue and this will bring up all the

questions right they'll bring up all the

questions that related to business so

what dirty business tactics you know so

that's my question that's got fourteen

or fifteen thousand views now and have a

look twenty to thirty thousand weekly

views right so I know that question to

date to this day is getting twenty to

thirty thousand views on Quora another

one what is the cheapest business to

start two and a half to three and a half

thousand views now if we go to if you

just try to find a question on our own

or doing it that way right we could

answer how do I start a drop shipping

business I think this is a great

question right however it's only got a

hundred to two hundred views I think I

just got another up on that question

it's crazy it's really crazy my Cora has

been blowing up we

with this tactic so how do I start drop

shipping business you think oh this

could be a good question as soon as you

come to the core or website and you do

it find out how to do it through setting

up and add and seeing what's popular

you'll actually find out that how do I

start dropping from business only gets a

hundred to two hundred views per week so

you really don't want to waste your time

answering that question instead you want

to answer this one from one and a half

thousand views to another news was some

way to start business all the way to the

twenty thirty thousand now this is a

read three questions you want to answer

a lot of questions of course so what do

you do well let's go back and put the

word in how right just change the world

up a bit what comes up there so well you

don't want to answer questions that

aren't relevant so you're not going to

answer how hard you be hit you because

it's not head of it at all what's the

best way to do it also not really

relevant unless that's your niche

obviously how can you identify

intelligent people that could be

relevant what's the easy way to make

money online that can be relevant how

how do top students study that is

relevant what can I do to become smarter

that was relevant and let's see you in

the fitness niche right just put the

word fitness in there what comes up

could anybody share that fat to fit

journey brilliant ten to fifteen

thousand views easy right lose weight

lose weight in there do you see do you

see where I'm going with this you see

the power of this well the best way to

lose weight fifteen to twenty thousand

news how do bees where's teenager so we

don't have to one-half thousands half

times weight quickly' 3000-4000 this is

so much exposure so much exposure to you

to your answers and eventually to your

profile and then on your profile if you

have a look at my profile you can have

all the links or all your bio everything

you actually need I've got I run a

YouTube channel I talk about my Amazon

business I've got my LinkedIn I've got a

strategy call so this is really really

useful you conceded this is getting me

twenty three thousand news just this

month and it's actually going up


my brother Joshua I told him his tactic

his views this month went straight up to

about thirty six thousand because of

that one answer it's ridiculous so

anyway that is what you do so now once

you've done all of that you don't have

to actually create the ad you can just

exit out this page right done my page is

gone but what you would do is that we

cook your back that page and actually

I'll show you is you would

so Bock add let's do bad business so

what you would do is you would open oh


back to both questions business okay so

what you would actually now do is click

on that it will open in a new tab you'll

click on this one a little bit in new

tab and once you've done that you've got

all the questions in a new tab right and

you just click here three buttons and go

answer later you should everybody click

answer later because I know I want to

answer it later and that way you can

build a whole group of questions to

answer later and then you can do one or

two answers every single day will take

you about half an hour to an hour but

it's it's incredible how many views you

can actually get and how drastic it is

your business in terms of just so many

new eyeballs coming to your business

finding out that you're actually very

knowledgeable in a certain area and then

wanting to find out more from you so

maybe going to a YouTube account or

going to your Instagram or maybe even

just replying to you on here or sending

you an email but the point is you are

spreading knowledge on this website and

it's getting viewed by thousands and

thousands of people rather than find an

answer yourself think it's a good one

and spend half an hour to an hour

answering it and it only gets viewed by

1520 people and I've actually I have

answers that have maybe 20 or 30 views

before I figured out this tactic so

definitely go and try that out if you

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