Three Dimensional Thinking — Dr.Matt

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three dimensional thinking since we are

in to self-realization

how about different models of how we can

influence our cognitive minds there are

three waves of thinking deductive which

none of you can chunk down inductive

which you can check out and there's

options which is Chuck sideways so if

you learn something you can become an

expert how specifically do you do

something the more you focus on

something the less contact with reality

you have you might have a very important

very clever professor at some University

but unfortunately doesn't know how to

make money because he does know how to

market his services this creates

expertise but this this creates my dear

friends generalists no not gonna Vinci

mind the one who is able to create a

submarine and the draw a painting and to

sculpt something and even to write a

book because of these people focus not

on clean experience they focus on

optimal knowledge in certain fields

example say somebody wants to learn

English depending on the source and

those were dictionary English is between

five hundred fifty thousand and two

million words do you know what an

educated American or British how many

words do they know out of five hundred

fifty thousand or two million how many

do they know

trades and words by know 10,000 they

know if they're educated college degree

25,000 statistically so you can see that

they know 5% or less being native

speakers of English how about the usage

of this worthless well apparently they

use two to three thousand in the 90% of

the situations in 80% of the situations

they use 500 words and one of these

words will be swear words it's not going

to be beehive it's not going to be the

word contemporary it's going to be F uck

word because statistics tell us what is

significant important in the language so

here comes an opportunity maybe rather

than being an expert and using the

tactic notion to learn a language I'd

rather focus on 500 words which are

constantly repeated in 80% of situations

this is why I learned Portuguese in 40

hours first year hours but I was able to

perform on stage in somehow in person

because I didn't focus on my grammar my

grammar was bad but nobody Kurd neither

did I if I wanted to perform

dramatically well I would have to study

for years but it was not the objective

the objective was to be on stage and say

me like Brazil me teach mixed mental

arts and they said we know you in Brazil

welcome and it said if you think about

it this way the expectations we set the

words ourselves on deductive level are


inductive or Ocean's eleven chocking

sideways gives you a chance to be more

elaborate Jackie done gives it just to

be more specific

but in face of linguistics you can get

more we're doing class which is very

interesting notion

considering that sometimes when we learn

a language the first thing that they

start with his teacher Brahma no child

that starts learning a language with

Brahma my daughter is seven years of

when she was four she spoke three

languages fluently Spanish published in

English trust me she didn't know what

the verdict was are they enough machine

this is a school where she went to

school for the first time she needs it

to learn about verbs and novice and

other things that she's never going to

use in her life because life is not

necessarily about deduction so when

mixed mental arts was created as a


I was thinking which categories of life

which parts of life which sectors of

life do I need to master so that I will

be both happy and successful and it

turns out that marketing

self-realization management

relationships and spirituality are

exactly the ones that I'm interested in

for once you have two abilities you can

fuse them into one and this is where

induction comes in example say you're a

designer interior designer you have

certain abilities you can deduct the

lien from

but what you do instead began in very

designer you decide to go fishing you go

fishing you spent three hours sitting in

our place or most without breathing wait

for a fish to take your backs when you

do this you learn patience correct

now you come back home it didn't catch

anything you start working with a client

as an interior designer and suddenly

miracle hackers client has doubts before

the fishing adventure you would have

snapped at clients you would have

multiple clients you will have taught

the client you didn't have time because

you are not a nation but now because you

took patients from fishing patients and

interior design connects together you

sell more product because of the fact

that you are fishing brain learns

abilities outside of the contexts if I

know how to swim in bergman I will know

how to swim in Washington DC if people

started using on inductive land their

capabilities coming from different

fields I think that the world the word

excellence and super human could finally

start to exist patience and fishing will

off from the marriage determination from

fitness club sense of humor with the

best friends motivation to wake up in

the morning ability to enjoy life while

meditating fused together in one moment

delivered to the markets

that's what process the mixed metal art

is about if people knew how to fuse this

capabilities and abilities basically

they would be effective to the point

that I don't think right now we are

capable of understanding the right

people don't do this what they do

instead they separate and they are lost

inside the context or without them they

say my InFocus that work but I can't be

focused in church they say I am

effective when it comes to talking to my

employees but for some reason I quoted

with my wife I will tell you why they do

it they don't map abilities across and

they don't even have an active level you

play that they will be way more