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we think on a frequency and the

frequency we think undec Tate's the

results we get wanna be happy

build a life not just the business hey

it's Evan Carmichael and this channel

was created to help you overcome the

number one challenge that is holding you

back a lack of belief in yourself you

watch these videos because you know

there's something more inside you to you

have Michael Jordan level talent at

something so today let's live your best

believe life and learn how you can start

thinking on a higher frequency also if

you want to have more motivation and

confidence check out my 254 series

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description below what we've kind of

understand is we're treating our life

for our goals literally trading our life

I was reminded this morning of a

question I'm often asked how do you

eliminate fear from your life all things

are possible if you believe okay let's

kick it off with the most important rule

make a decision on a time to you about

forming a habit that literally change

your world I formed this habit a long

time ago and I'm going to tell you my

world changed like night day work for me

it'll work for you

decision is something most people never

really learn and for good reason stay

with me because I'm going to show you

something here that you possibly have

never looked at before this book changed

everything for me in this book it's

Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich

there's 15 chapters there's one chapter

the entire chapter is dedicated to

decision now you may say well I make

decisions do you really you may make

little ones but to make the real

important ones do you go after what you

want in life

do you get everything you want in life

see the truth is only about 3% of the

people are really living the way they

want to live driving the car they want

to drive taking the trips they want to

take living in the houses they want to

live in most people do not and they'll

tell you why they can't and they'll give

you a string of reasons a mile long all

seem very practical very reasonable

and the leader of them all is they can't

afford it well the truth is we live in

the richest country in the history of

the world money is the easiest thing in

the world turn once you learn how well

if you turn making a decision into a

habit you're gonna learn how to do a

whole lot of things you may think you

can't do see what we're doing is we're

exploring a site of our personality that

we really don't understand we're dealing

with the site of our personality that

most people do not understand what you

see here is not me this is my body

you never hear anyone say am hand you

see we've got to take a look at the

non-physical side of ourselves Lincoln

President Lincoln put that very well he

said to believe in the things you can

see and touch is no belief at all but to

believe in the unseen is a triumph and a

blessing well let's look at this making

a decision we're going into the unseen

part of ourselves using faculties most

people don't even know they've got you

see Einstein said the intuitive mind is

a sacred gift well he said the rational

mind is a faithful servant he said we

have created a society that honors the

servant has forgotten the gift what is a

servant well there it is there

it's our century factors we can see hear

smell taste touch what are they for

there to help us correspond and

communicate with our outside world but

you know that the physical world is

nothing but the manifestation of the

non-physical world that's right here

we've got something that's nothing short

of a miracle

when we look at it properly this is a

little cell phone it has more power than

the computer head that took the first

rocket to the moon think of that and I'm

carrying it around in my pocket I can

touch a button and bang like that send a

picture to you and you'll get it

simultaneous with me sending it how does

all that happen well it happens because

we're dealing with the non sight

non-physical side of ourselves we're

dealing with just pure power how do we

get at that well we've been gifted we've

been gifted with something no other form


life has we have these higher faculties

you've got perception memory imagination

will reason intuition I want you to

shift your perception for a moment of


you know our good friend the late Wayne

Dyer he put it very well he said when

you change the way you look at something

what you look out will change change

your perception you know the reason most

people don't make decisions because they

can't see how they're going to get there

so what do they do they keep doing

things that they can see how they're

going to get there and that's why their

life never really changes stick with me

here for a moment think of you you are a

mass of energy and you function on

frequencies that's what you are take a

look at yourself

here's a shot taken by Kirlian


Semyon Kirlian was a Russian who

perfected a form of photography way back

in the early 30s

that'll photograph mass where you can

photographed the energy leaving the body

there's a glow of energy around you this

physical thing we live in is a massive

energy well we're going to be talking

about the non-physical side you see a

frequency is a level of vibration

general vibration is a natural law of

the universe everything vibrates nothing

rests we live in an ocean of motion now

there's an infinite number of


now get this let all these lines

represent levels of vibration okay

levels of vibration as we said are

referred to as frequencies you and I

think on frequencies the highest

function we're capable of now here's

where you really want to pay attention

this if you get this if I communicate

this effectively your life can change

because it sure changed mine we think on

a frequency and the frequency we think

on dictates the results we get so we're

sitting here and they say these are me

results but this is where I really want

to go and we point to a star somebody

said what do you really want I really

want to be wealthy do you know that most

people never live the way they really

want to live they don't they never do in

the amount of money they can they don't

live in the house they really want

they don't take their vacations they

really want to take why because they

don't know how you see when they set

those targets they look off into a space

and they see nothing

now look here for a moment these lines

represent levels of frequency or you

could say levels of awareness but when

we set the target way up there it's all

gone we don't know how to get there

think of that think of what Steve Jobs

says you cannot connect the dots looking

forward you can only connect them

looking backwards so you have to trust

that the dots are going to connect as

you go ahead now that's pretty big if

you're gonna look at the unseen you have

to use the higher faculties

that's what Einstein talked about the

sacred gift we can use faculties to look

into the future we can go into the

future with our imagination and see

ourself where we want to be your from

now and then bring that into the present

and begin acting like the person we want

to become when you make the decision

everything starts to change look at this

for a moment you're thinking down here

on this frequency and that's what's

giving you the results you're getting if

you want to go where you say do you want

to go you've got to get on that

frequency you see the truth is you're

not thinking about getting there you're

letting the present results repeat and

that's the star you're shooting at

you're going to get the same results

over and over and over again as long as

you said keep your thinking there you

got to get your thinking up on this

higher frequency because when you get on

that frequency the thoughts and things

that are gonna come into your mind will

take you there how do you think we got

to the moon Kennedy didn't know how to

get to the moon when he asked dr.

Wernher von Braun who's considered this

father of the space program what will it

take for us to build a rocket carry a

man to the moon he and bring him back

safely to earth he said the will to do


the will is one of the higher faculties

that's what Einstein was talking about

will gives you the ability to focus on

one thing to the exclusion of everything

else when you focus on that one thing

you're on that higher frequency how do

you do that well first you got to make a

decision to go there you see your mind

and thoughts must be focused on the same

frequency as your goal how do we do that

we make a committed decision that's

where I'm going and when you make the

committed decision that's irrevocable

you cannot go back you shut the past off

you begin thinking on this higher

frequency and you think an act like the

person you want to become

does it sound preposterous that's what

the Wright brothers did and they

introduced us to New Kingdom now I have

a special bonus clip from Mel Robbins on

how to make energizing decisions that I

think you're gonna enjoy but before that

it's time for the three-point landing

questions let's go from just watching a

video to taking action here we go

question number one what's the decision

that you need to make number two who are

three people who energize you and number

three how will you stay committed to the

decision that you make and if you made

it this far in the video I want to

celebrate you give me a hashtag believe

down the comments any decision can be

divided into what do I need to do versus

how and when do I need to do it for the

what that is intuition and by intuition

I use the word energy and the way to

answer any question for yourself

personally that you don't immediately

know the answer to is to ask this

question does it energize and expand my

life or does it shrink it if it

energizes and expands your life the

answer is hell yes you should absolutely

do it that is what you should do if the

decision shrinks you or it deflates you

then the answer's hell no you should not

do it this is an incredible tool to use

in deal-making by the way because you

know I'm in the middle of negotiating a

massive media deal at the moment and

it's something I've always wanted to do

and when you're negotiating for

something you really want whether it's

somebody that you're dating or you know

it's a salary or whatever it in my case

it's a massive media deal you can get

really ego driven right right you can

start to get very attached to the deal

or to the person yes or whatever but you

have to stop and ask yourself is this

deal or this person actually expanding

and energizing me are or are there

aspects of it that deplete and shrink me

and if there's any aspect of it that

depletes and shrinks you either have to

change that aspect of the deal or the

relationship structure where you have to

say no period right if you decide that

yet it energizes me and I really want to

do it then that's what you want next

you've got to think about the outcome

which is how and when you make it happen

if you want to know the easiest way to

become a millionaire check out the video

right there next to me I think you'll

enjoy it continue to believe and I'll

see you there

time is your greatest friend here and if

you get in the game you're gonna win and

you need to get the game now not wait to

your business to success you have to own