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everyone welcome back to my channel I

hope you guys are having a wonderful day

if you're new to my channel join this

family never miss an upload and I am

uploading every single day until

Christmas time by the way before we get

started yes that is a dog teepee behind

a career Wyatt he's not coming

so today's video I was telling you guys

about it when I was on snapchat and I

said I kind of came up with this idea to

do a positive hacks video and overall

just being happier New Year's is right

around the corner and I know it's a huge

New Year's resolution to be more

positive to be happy but I would film it

vlog style the way I have been doing

these 12 days to Christmas you guys have

been really like in the vlog just kind

of talking about my positive habits and

hacks throughout the day and that way

you guys can actually see them in action

and that way we get to hang out together

and talk about one of my favorite topics

which is overall being positive so

before we get into today's video I just

want to say a disclaimer you don't have

to be positive every second of every day

it's okay to go through normal human

emotions and sometimes be sad sometimes

be angry sometimes be impatient

sometimes be negative it's okay to have

those kind of feelings but what I want

to say in this video and the point that

I really want to make in this video is

as much as that's normal it's also

normal to be positive every day it's

like it's okay to have negative moments

I just want you guys to remember to also

have positive moments I think sometimes

we take positivity for granted and we

just think that that's not realistic

it's not realistic to be happy all the

time it's not realistic to be positive

all the time I've lived both lives

I've lived having it positive like I am

now and I've also lived negative and

just overall a hot mess and I'm telling

you I pick happy and positive all day

every day I know the power of positivity

and what it's done for me and how it

literally transformed my life for the

better so I hope you guys enjoy this

vlog and hearing all my tips throughout

the day good morning guys so hack number

one is to be and wake up ridiculously

grateful for whatever it may be for your


your friends for your health a delicious

cup of coffee today I am feeling

grateful for my family and then I get to

be with them and reunite with them this

week I'm so excited to go back home for

the holidays and living across the

country and living where I want to live

and pursuing my dreams is something

that's very important to me but I still

really miss my family and it's still

really hard to be away from them so I'm

so grateful to get to go home and be

with them so I actually have my pajamas

underneath my sweatshirt it's like one

of those like North Bay switchers and we

are just out walking Wyatt when your dog

stops at every bush sorry we are in a

creepy parking lot so I just got to the

gym I'm going to take my Pilates class

and this is my positive hack number two

releasing stress reducing hormones by

working out so you will be positive when

you work out whether it's a walk whether

it's a run jog a workout clouds I'm

about to go take a Pilates class I've

never taken a Pilates class here before

I'll let you guys know how it goes and

I'll see you in a second

whoo we are all done workout completed I

don't remember where came around that

she adjusted us like every time like I

kind of like curled like this she come

over and she would do like but I was

just falling Jarrod is he asked me how

class was and this brings me to heck

positive tip number two is actually hack

number three but who's counting is to

engage in positive conversations so

growing up I kind of like you learn from

your parents right like they're teaching

you even when they're not trying to

teach you we still pick up things from

our parents so when my parents would

come home from work or like my uncle or

my grandparents like we all lived very

close together and you would say like

how was work or how was school it was

sort of a thing to tell the negative

part of the day first right was your

household like that - yeah it was - kind

of like more relatable yeah yeah exactly

so complaining relatable like oh you'll

never believe what happened my mommy so

we start the conversation like that you

know and even if shooting as a funny


it still had so like negative flare to

it and then I remember she went on with

this whole positive cake and she's make

us come home from school and tell her

and everyone else would talk about at

dinner positive things that happen in

school and I remember thinking I put all

I want to do is tell you about this

stupid text but looking back it's so

important to engage in positive

conversation because it's really easy to

tell the negative parts of your day and

honestly you don't want to be that dark

cloud in people's lives like oh this

happen to me that happen to me so let's

pretend you guys asked me how my workout

class was just like Jared did when I


so there were things I liked about it

and there were things I didn't like

about it but it's really important for

me to start with the things that I

really liked and even though things that

I didn't like try to see what was good

about it so I wondered the things that I

liked about it was it's very small

personal class so she was able to pay

attention to each and every one of us

and like correct Dustin I'm new to body

something that I didn't like was she

didn't play music and so the class was

like a little bit dry in that sense but

what I'm seeing now is that because she

doesn't play music we're able to hear

her and it she's able to have and

conduct this like very personal class so

yeah that was the thing I didn't like

but then the benefit was that I got her

teaching me so yeah I just thought that

I would share that half with you guys

positive path number four is a little

self-love so instead of taking like a

two-second shower I'm gonna actually try

to relax and take a 10 to 15 minute back

sorry my drain is draining it's kind of

an annoying back maybe I'll light some

candles but self-love is one of the most

important love's can't neglect self-love

self-love is so important and a little

self-love goes a long way you will feel

better you will be able to take care of

your loved ones I just got out of the

bath and now I thought that we could

chitchat while I do my makeup and you

guys are always asking me about my

makeup so I thought now would be a good

time to kind of just hang out talk and

do makeup so will you all the products

down below just because if you've

watched any of my lives on Instagram I

can get distracted so easily this first

go in with Becca primer and it's just

like make sure she's good nice dewy so I

don't know if that clip was just

annoying before with the back going here

what I was talking about but self-love

is so important and I think highly

neglected I think that

end of the day always giving and giving

and giving forget to take care of

ourselves and I mean because you look

crazy you don't have to spend money like

a bat that's something free that's just

something I could do for myself to feel

amazing and to just feel like connected

and like but like somebody is I skip

doing that because I'm like oh it's a

bat it's gonna take a long time let me

just jump in the shower

sumo some odds company pact number five

is to change your vocabulary so it's

really easy to say things like I hate

doing this or oh I don't want to do that

it's gonna suck and I catch myself

saying things like that too sometimes

and that's really helpful is to change

the wording around and say things like I

have the opportunity to and then fill in

the blanks so you might be going to

class calculus if you are like family oh

right go to calculus go oh my god this

class I hate going I hate talking about

it how about talk about how you have the

opportunity to learn something new the

opportunity to expand your way of

thinking because that's at the end of

the day what calculus does so next time

you say you hate doing something and you

don't want to do it say I have the

opportunity to work out I have the

opportunity to lose weight I haven't

used this stuff in a while at speed

Chanel cream bronzer I would literally

have this for so long it just never runs

out my six positives hack is to let go

of things that you can't control when

you get into the space of you know what

this is what I can control this is what

I cannot you just automatically become a

more positive person of course you might

still have like your down days or days

that you want to try to control

something that you can't but when you

just start to let go and notice that

there are things in life that we just

can't control and you you just take that

step back and say okay

I've done what I can at this moment I

can't control that it just makes you so


there are so many examples of letting go

of things you can't control one of them

could be love like just not worried

about where you're gonna meet somebody

or how it's gonna happen and it's like

the saying goes you always find love

when you least expect it so it's kind of

like the same thing like once you let go

and some people say this with goals I

can't control what people say on my

videos I can't control me in comments I

can't control mean people out in the

world I can't control the traffic on the

way to an appointment there are so many

things we can't control and when we

finally just let go and say okay well

I've done what I can I've done my part

I've taken my action and just let go and

I think for the longest time I didn't

like those quotes like you know like for

Law of Attraction related when people

would say things like we'll just let go

like don't think about it just let go I

just take that as no action like you're

just putting it out there just like

praying and then just hoping it happens

where you guys know you have to take

some action and so I never liked that

expression but that's because I just

didn't truly understand it and now I'm

gonna place where I do and I realized

that it's not that you can't take action

it's just you have to take the right

action you have to work smart just keep

working hard keep working at it but

focus on the things you've kind of

control and don't focus on the things

you can't because at the end of the day

it's just gonna make you crazy and put

you in a bad mood and that's why I said

if you can work on this I've everything

in this video if you can work on this

tips you will be so much better off you

will find yourself being a happier

person okay so I'm probably going to be

changing the shirt but I just want to

check out how this jacket still fits I

got it so long ago and it's so likes in

class is common I feel so like okay so

I'll probably keep the leggings on I'll

just change the top it's like a sweater

or something and I'm gonna wear this and

people are probably going to think I'm


anytime I wear this jacket you are

always like well like that's right which

actually brings me to my next positive

hack and overall just happiness hack

which is to overall not need advice and

opinions and

reassurance from others just trusting

your own judgment and trusting what you

want to do without the worry of what

others are gonna say or what others

think you know dressing how you want

saying what you want you know whether

it's dressing how you want wearing a red

jacket with like crazy shoulder pads

it's bright red

going after goals you want you know

especially things that require you to

put yourself out there like starting a

YouTube channel or starting a blog or

maybe going back to school or maybe

going to school it's nice to bounce

ideas off of friends and family members

but at the end of the day it's really

nice to just know yourself and know that

you are going to make the right decision

and sometimes we ask people advice just

to hear their opinion but we already

know what we're gonna do at the end of

the day you know what I mean it's like

that friend that always comes to you to

ask for advice but they never take your

advice well he or she already knows that

they're gonna do they just might want to

hear your opinion so get in the habit of

not even caring what other people think

it's going to make you a more positive

person it's going to make you a happier

person so overall for 2018 I'm going to

be doing this as well this is one of my

2018 goals especially a small goal but I

think I can practice in my everyday life

don't worry about what people are gonna

say wear what you want say what you want

do what you want at the end of the day

that's what's going to make you the most

positive making the most happy because

because living with regret is way worse

you know regretting like why didn't I do

that like why did I worry what people

said in high school life why did I worry

what friends said that I'm not even

friends with anymore like why did I

worry about that it's just all this

built-up tension okay so I'm gonna still

wear the red shirt but I'm changed but I

changed into this wild Fox sweatshirt

that says more glitter less bitter and

it's just a nice cozy sweatshirt wild

Fox honestly makes the best cozy

sweatshirts ever so when I can find them

cheaper at like TJ Maxx or something I

always stock up so yeah I don't even

care what they say sometimes they're

just like so cozy and like they're the

perfect like baggy but not too baggy

like you're swimming in it kind of fit

check TJ Maxx because they had a bunch

at the one in my location at least hi

guys we're on live hi blog Sam is one of

the few originals ah Thank You Maddie

you're so sweet

hi from Argentina hello Olivia says for

positivity do one thing every day that

makes you happy yes Olivia

hey you guys are so cute why do I try to

fall funny thing about vlogs is you're

gonna saw me put on my makeup and now

you see me take it off in new year's

goal for every single person out there

watching this video because we literally

all do this to one extent and that is to

let go of limiting beliefs so what I

mean by limiting beliefs is same things

like I can't do that because I don't

know I'm not good enough or all that

smart enough or there's so many other

people trying to do that what makes me

any more special why would I be

different or I'm not lucky enough or I'm

not pretty enough or I'm not confident

enough and I think that you will be so

much more positive so much more happy

when you are aware of these limiting

beliefs and just let them go sending

this crystal energy from my house to

your house Bobby don't feel like these

videos more than sit-down videos or if

you still like sit-down videos I don't


comment down below you know what you

guys think and I'll see you tomorrow

video 5