How to Use Goodreads

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yesterday we talked about finding just

write books and today I'm going to show

you a tool that I love to use when I'm

trying to find a book what I need you to

do first is think of a book that you've

liked any book then you're going to go

to google and you're going to type in

the title of the book and then Goodreads

one book that I liked over the summer

was six of crows so I'm typing in the

title and then Goodreads when you click

enter the first link should be the book

that you searched within the Goodreads

database here's why I love Goodreads for

starters right over here you'll

automatically see books that other

people liked when they also liked six of

crows so if you hover over you can just

scroll through and take a look at some

different book ideas let's say you find

one that looks interesting you can click

on it and then you can read the

description of the book right here

another reason that I love Goodreads is

because I can read the reviews that

other people wrote about the book so a

lot of times again this will give me an

idea about if I want to read it or not

the last thing that I love that you can

find on this page is lists that have

this book in it so I'm going to click on

more lists with the book and you'll see

that six of crows showed up in lists

called wide novels of 2015

can't wait books of 2015 best books of

the decade that sounds interesting so if

I click on that I will see a list of all

of the books that are in the same list

with six of crows so you can see that

Goodreads is a really powerful way to

get ideas about other books to read

based on books that you've already liked

another way that you can browse

Goodreads is by signing up for a

Goodreads account if you go to Goodreads

com you'll see that right here at the

top there's a Google button that'll

allow you to sign in with your Google

account you'll click it and it will just

ask you to create a password let me tell

you why I love having a Goodreads

account from my home page I can see

books that other people have recently

read and liked these are my friends so

it's kind of like a Facebook page or

social media so I can see the books that

my friends have liked

another reason that I like it is because

if I click on my profile I can see all

of the books that I've ever put into

Goodreads so I never forget oh what's

that one really great book that I read

because I can always go to my read shelf

and it will show me the books that I've

read in order from most recently read to

least recently read finally when you're

signed in to Goodreads you can click on

any book want to read and it will add it

to a list of books that you can always

find in your profile so you won't have

to remember what that one book I wanted

to read because it's already in your

Goodreads account so now you have time

to go explore remember that you're going

to start with a Google search that

includes a book title and then Goodreads

after it and then you'll be able to

explore Goodreads without signing in you

of course can create an account if you

want to but that's not a requirement the

thing that I expect from you is that by

the end of this day that you have

created a reader's notebook page that

has a list of five to ten books that you

want to read based on your search have