Overcome Negative Thinking: Train Yourself To Always See The Good In Others

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everybody you meet is struggling with

something and that is the thought for


welcome to seven good minutes I'm Clyde

Lee Dennis thanks for joining me for

what I believe will be seven of the most

enriching minutes of your day in today's

audio we have an excellent message on

teaching yourself to see the good in

others enjoy it's easy to go through

life holding on to things that are

weighing us down guilt resentment doubt

worry the problem is when we allow these

things in they're taking up space for

the good things that should be there

imagine your life is like a container

you are created to be filled with joy

peace confidence creativity but if you

allow worry in it pushes out the peace

there's not space for both you can't go

above a hundred percent you have a

limited amount of room if you allow

guilt to take up space that space that

you don't have for the confidence you

need and the reason some people don't

enjoy their lives is because their

container their heart is contaminated

with so many things they have ten

percent worried stressed out over their

job twelve percent bitterness mad at

their neighbor 20 percent guilt beating

themselves up for past mistakes nine

percent jealousy their coworker is more

beautiful they don't realize seventy

percent of their container is negative

they wonder why they don't have joy

creativity passion they only have room

for 30 percent of what they should have

since we know that right now you are not

living your highest vision of yourself

I haven't seen the differences between

where you are and where you want to be

begin to change

consciously change you thoughts words

and actions to match your grandest


this will require tremendous mental and

physical effort it will entail constant

moment a moment monitoring of your every

thought word and deed it will involve

continued choice making consciously this

whole process is a massive move to

consciousness what you will find out if

you want to take these challenges that

you've spent half your life unconscious

that is to say unaware on a conscious

level of what you are choosing in the

way of thoughts words and deeds until

you experience the aftermath of them

then when you experience these results

you deny that your thoughts words and

deeds had anything to do with them this

is a call to stop such unconscious

living it is a challenge to which your

soul has called you from the beginning

of time give no place to guilt give no

place to worry give no place to

bitterness it can't come in and

automatically take over you control

what's in your container you control

what you think about what you choose to

allow in and we all have negative

emotions negative feelings do you have

to make the choice I'm not going to give

this jealousy this bitterness this anger

valuable space and let it poison my life

I'm going to protect what I allow in me

every morning when we wake up we need to

empty out anything negative from the day

before somebody offended you at work

they didn't treat you're right it's easy

to let that offense stay feels good to

carry around a grudge so you have to be

disciplined say no I am not giving this

offense any room I am NOT going to let

it sour my day they hurt you once don't

let them continue to hurt you by holding


the offense being offended is not

harming them it's harming you

it's taken up space you need for the

good things that move you towards your

destiny or you wake up in the morning

and thoughts of worry time how are you

going to pay your bills what if the

medical report is not good you'll never

get out of this problem don't allow that

in do you want your life to tick off

begin at once to imagine it the way you

want it to be and move into that check

every thought word an action that does

not fall into harmony with that move

away from those when you have a thought

that is not in alignment with your

higher vision changed to a new thought

then and there when you say a thing that

is out of alignment with your grandest

idea make a note not to say something

like that again when you do a thing that

is misaligned with your best intention

decide to make that the last time every

morning empty out the guilt empty out

the word empty out the discouraging and

when the impurities come when the

infection come don't let it stay let it

pass on through keep your heart pure if

you do this I believe in declare your

going to step up to a new level with

more joy more peace more favor healing

wholeness the fullness of your destiny

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