How To Feel Good About Yourself No Matter What

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Okay, you picked a great day to come to Live On Purpose TV. I'm going to draw

something that's going to show you how to feel good about yourself no matter what.

I got to show you something, okay. Now stay with me because this is really

important. I want to make sure I get this just right as I draw something for you

here on the board. Now remember, I am a psychologist, I'm not an artist so give

me a little bit of slack there but I want to make sure this is just right

because there's an important lesson that goes with these dots so hang on. Is this

looking familiar to you at all? Some people have seen this before,

maybe you have, maybe you haven't. Just be patient with me for a moment as

I finish because I want to make sure it's just right, hang on. Perfect.

Okay, now observe the dots that I've drawn for you.

What do you notice? Serious? You think there's a dot missing? Are you sure? Would

you bet money on it? Oh yeah, you probably would, huh? Hold on a second, let's just

review the process. Do you remember at the beginning of the video, I was all

excited? I'm like, I want to show you something, right? And I'm all excited and

I start drawing my dots. I asked you to be patient with me because it took a

little bit of time. Two times during the drawing of the dots, I said these words, "I

want to make sure it's just right." At least twice, maybe more, you can review

the video and see. Who is the creator of these dots? Yes, thank you for that

acknowledgement. Did I know what I was doing? Hmm, well, maybe there's an argument

for that. Did I do it on purpose? Obviously, I did, I included it in a video

today at Live On Purpose TV. Wait a minute, if I am the creator

these dots and I did it on purpose and there's some argument that maybe I knew

what I was doing, are there any dots missing? Okay, now still you might be

thinking, well okay, Dr. Paul, fine. I know there's a dot missing but that's the way

you wanted it obviously so I'm okay with it. That's not what I'm talking about, I'm

talking about this is perfectly designed for its creators purpose. Now let's come

right back to that and go to the psychology first. Why did you think that

there was a dot missing? Yeah, because the pattern, right? What pattern? You got one

in your head. You know what? Everything that we experience in our life, we

collect files for, it's like a set of file folders in our mind and so if I ask

you for example, what is this? You seem so sure. Yeah, it's a marker, right? How

do you know that? It's because you got a file up here for markers and you pull

that file out and you open it up and inside this file are illustrations and

descriptions, it's all of your experience related to things like this and you make

a comparison between your file and the object and you notice that it matches

and so you confidently declare it's a marker and you know that you're right.

Check in with that idea for a moment. You know that you're right so you fold up

your file and you put it back away in your file system and you're confident

that that's a marker. Now I went to the board and drew these dots, you went to

your files and you rummaged around in there until you found one that you

thought was relevant, you didn't even know you had one of these, did you?

But apparently, you did because you pulled out your dots file and you looked

inside and you found a template that looked like this. Now you recognize this,

don't you? Of course, you do because you found it in

your files and then you made a comparison with what you saw on the

board that I drew and you notice that these two don't match and so you

confidently declared that there was something wrong with that one, not this

one. No, this one is sacred. I found this one in my files, this is the way that it

should be and you confidently replaced it in your file and declared that that

one was broken, wrong, flawed because it didn't match your files, right? That's the

psychology behind why you thought that there was a doc missing. What pattern? The

one you found in your files, that's what you were comparing it to I just want you

to see that you were doing that, it's not right or wrong, it's how our mind works.

Now I am the creator of these dots, I created these dots on purpose. The way

they appear right here in front of you and I can even be transparent about my

purpose, my purpose is to have this conversation and if I would have drawn

those dots the way you wanted them to look, they would not have fulfilled my

purpose and I'm the creator of those dots.

Hopefully, you're extrapolating this to what it has to do with liking ourselves

with feeling good about ourselves. You look at yourself in the mirror or just

thinking about yourself and what do you notice?

Oh, some missing dots? Are you sure? Yeah, you're sure. Would you bet money on

it? Probably. Wait a minute, who's your creator?

Now I'm not here as your spiritual guide but if you believe that you have a

creator and if you believe that that creator knew what he was doing and did

it on purpose then maybe there are no dots missing, maybe this is created

exactly the way it needs to be created in order to fulfill its creator's

purpose. Is that a possibility in your mind? And when you look at it that way,

you don't have to use those perfect templates that you got stored up in your

own mind about how you're supposed to look or how it should be but instead

understand that it is perfectly designed to fulfill its creator's purpose. Here's

one way I like to put this.. You are perfectly designed to be imperfect. Yeah,

that's kind of a mind-blowing idea and it's a game-changer too because instead

of scrambling through life trying to fill in all the missing dots, you can

simply sit back with the insurance that you are perfectly designed. Maybe for

some divine purpose that you're not even tuned into yet but that changes the game

so you don't have to fix this. Understand the purpose.

Everybody's got weaknesses, right? Not just you, right? Every member of this

planet so let's get good with that idea that we are perfectly designed to be

imperfect. Maybe perfectly designed for some divine purpose changes the game. Wow,

what if it's possible that you are perfectly designed to be imperfect? I bet

you know someone who would love to hear that today, share this video with them.