How to Control Sinful Impure and Ungodly Thoughts!

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how do you control those sinful ungodly

impure thoughts that just consistently

swim around in your mind all day long

I'm talking about those crazy thoughts

that if other people knew what you were

thinking about they would probably lose

respect for you what do you do how do

you control them that's the topic today

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miss anything okay today we're talking

about these crazy thoughts that go in

our minds that we just can't seem to

control now I'll just be honest with you

if I had the answer to this question I

would probably be a very rich man I

confess to you I don't have the full

answer but here are several principles

that I think will help us as we try to

get control of those crazy thoughts in

the heart mind and real quick if you

have any that you want to add to this

list that could help us please leave it

in the comment section below

principle number one that I want you to

be encouraged by is you are not alone

1st Corinthians 10:13 says this the

temptations in your life are no

different from what others experience

and God is faithful he will not allow

the temptation to be more than you can

stand when you are tempted he will show

you a way out so that you can endure

listen there is not one person in the

world that is a Christian or a

non-christian for that matter that does

not deal with these crazy thoughts that

in our minds you just can't see him

because you don't know what the other

person is dealing with it's worse for us

as Christians because we actually know

that the thoughts are sinful and

non-believers don't but let me encourage

you you are not alone we all struggle

with principle number two victories in

battles ultimately lead to victories in

war now what am I talking about here

Galatians chapter 5 verse 17 says this

for the flesh desires what is contrary

to the spirit and the spirit what is

contrary to the flesh they are in

conflict with each other so that you are

not to do whatever you want you know

what this is saying that inside the mind

and the heart of the believer the spirit

and the flesh

are always going to be constantly

warring against one another listen every

war is comprised of numerous battles you

are going to lose some battles along the

way so don't get discouraged if you're

not perfect don't get discouraged if

your mind gets the best of you just

remember that with each victory that you

have in the battle that is contributing

ultimately to your victory in the war

because little battles won along the way

ultimately lead to victory and you have

to remember that the more entrenched the

enemy is the more battles you are going

to have to win in order to win the war

listen you may be watching this video

and there are strongholds in your life

that have been there for years and years

that have just been entrenched in you

which means don't expect to get victory

overnight in that area it may take some

consistent winning of some battles maybe

some losses along the way but if you

continue to fight and not give up when

you win these battles ultimately at some

point you will be victorious in the war

principle number three the bird will fly

over your head I believe it was Martin

Luther that said you cannot keep the

bird from flying over your head but you

can keep it from building a nest in your

hair listen there is no way that I know

of keeping a thought from entering into

your mind if you know of a way out there

that can keep the thought from getting

into your mind please leave it in the

comment section below and help the rest

of us out but listen

that is what temptation is even Jesus

was tempted the thought coming in your

mind is temptation it's gonna happen

it's gonna be there so don't beat

yourself up because you're having these

thoughts or you're like why am i

struggling with all these negative

thoughts that is the temptation the sin

is how you respond to it what you do

with it after the thought enters into

your mind which is what we're gonna talk

about in principle number four okay

principle number four don't add fuel to

the fire this is probably the most

important principle galatians chapter

six seven through nine says this do not

be deceived God cannot be mocked a man

who reaps what he sews now here it is in

verse eight whoever souls to please

their flesh from their flesh will reap


whoever souls to please the spirit from

the spirit

eternal life sewing to your flesh means

that you are doing things purposely and

intentionally to ignite and excite your

flesh listen in your mind there is a

little fire that's called the thought

and just like any fire if you let it go

for a while you don't do anything it's

eventually going to die out but if you

pour some fuel on that fire you're going

to make that fire burn even more in the

same way we have thoughts in our minds

and if we would just let the time pass

and let it go the thought would go but

no what do we do we engage that thought

we enhance that thought we ignite and

excite that thought even more let me

give you an example let's say you're

married you're finding somebody very

attractive but they are off-limits

because you are married don't go over to

their Facebook profile don't go to their

Instagram profile and start looking at

all of their pictures and god forbid

don't press the like button are you

kidding me no what you're doing is you

are basically adding fuel to that fire

you know you can't be with that person

so why are you looking at their pictures

igniting and exciting your flesh even

more over something that you can't have

principle number 5 look for the triggers

and what do I mean here oftentimes

whenever we have a sinful impure thought

it is a result or a reaction to

something that we may have done a week

ago a few days ago a few hours ago and

that thought just pops back into our

minds this is the reason why pornography

is such a destructive habit because you

can be watching something and those

images are in your mind and at any time

that enemy could allow those thoughts to

come and pop up in your mind job 31:1

says I've made a covenant with my eyes

and I will not look lustfully at a woman

listen you have to take responsibility

and say what is it that I did what was I

responsible for allowing in my spirit in

my eyes that have put that thought in my

spirit so that later on that thought was

able to pop up in my mind Matthew

chapter 6 22 says the eye is the lamp of

the body if your eyes are healthy your

whole body will be full of light but if

your eyes are unhealthy your whole body

will be full of darkness be careful what

you allow in your

which ultimately goes to your mind and

your heart because it has a tendency to

come back up and permeate our minds with

impure ungodly thoughts and the sixth

and final principle is to fill your

spirit with the Word of God I know what

you're thinking you're like that's

cliche that doesn't work yes it does

Isaiah 26:3 says this you will keep him

in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on

you let me show you how this works you

read a scripture you put that in your

spirit you go on about your day you get

tempted with a negative thought the Holy

Spirit's job is to bring that scripture

back to your remembrance so that that

scripture can combat that negative

thought and so now your spirit is

winning the battle against your flesh

and now over time you will win that

battle and ultimately win the war so the

more Scripture you feel your spirit up

the more ammunition you are giving the

Holy Spirit to use to bring up to your

remembrance just as John 14:26 says that

he would do so that you can be

victorious over the negative sinful

impure lustful thoughts in your mind if

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