Learning To See Things From Another's Perspective

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during the last year of my university

life we discussed a problem the day

before the final exam James's parents

had a car accident

the father was seriously injured in

hospital his relatives police and

friends decided not to tell James when

James know the truth after the exam he

feels very angry if it were you do you

think you should tell him most people in

the class choose to not tell they think

that the accident had happened and

telling James won't help improve the

situation and might even affect his

future development in this way it seems

that it is better to not tell James but

is that really the case I heard my

friend beside me say they were all

viewing from the point of view of an


she is right on Lucas can never

understand the real emotion of the

parties perhaps the onlooker can see

clearer but often on lookers are easy to

stand and talk without having to think

about the emotion I have a friend who

has experienced something like that the

year she took the exam her grandmother

was seriously ill and got into the

hospital about a week before her exam

the family felt that this could affect

her exam so they didn't tell her

anything by the day she finished the

exam she rushed home to her

grandmother's funeral and her

grandmother passed away the day before

her exam my friend later told me that

she could understand what her family was

doing but she could not forgive them for

the rest of her life under the banner of

being good for her they deprived her

chance to see her grandmother one last


when it comes to other people's affairs

it's really easy for us to stand at the

highs and reasons of morality we have

made the textbooks standard choices and

even feel that others should be grateful

to us after all everything we do is for

their own good but when we became the

protagonists things were completely

different compared to seeing family for

the one last time exam or promotion is

not that important even if I can't do

anything it's good enough if I can be at

your side

angle is actually a very magical thing

if life is a kaleidoscope the angle is

probably the turning hand even if it is

a little change the scene will be

completely different one of my friends

before she works as a part-time teacher

she said I heard that the teacher in the

next class always gives the students

answer at that time I really scoffed

from the bottom of my heart

disdain this teacher feel that she lacks

the most basic morality as a teacher

later after I became the part-time

teacher in the evening handling eight or

nine children at one time I need to

worry about them most of the time they

have a lot of homework and must be

completed in two hours not to mention

that some children are completely

unaware of nothing and don't want to do

the homework at that moment I suddenly

understand why the teacher next class

did what she did she was alone with a

class of more than twenty people and if

individual students did not submit the

answer they might not be able to leave

the whole evening it's not that giving

the answer was the right move but at

that moment I suddenly realized as an

onlooker our natural thoughts were in

fact really too harsh for others we feel

that teachers should explain every

question in details so that the children

results will improve and parents should

give their children the highest

demonstration these ideas are not wrong

but we are all born in complicated life

often uncontrollably a lot of things

that we find incomprehensible things

that we find unacceptable and think

about it in a different way

it really feels completely different of

course it is not that we have the

reasons to commit crimes to hurt others

to ask for the understanding from others

I just want to say that the next time we

want to judge someone when we want to

make a choice for others we may try to

change the angle think more and perhaps

make the choice more objectively later

the tutor told us that the question was

actually a real event a few years ago it

caused a lot of debate and until now

there is no conclusion

our tutor said that from the point of

view of the parents they may prefer not

to affect their children's studies but

still I prefer to stand from my point of

view stand in a far perspective to look

at the whole thing after all life is his

and the choice is mine