Simon Sinek on Training Your Mind to Perform Under Pressure

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what does it mean to perform under

pressure in the work that you do

performing under pressure whether it's

me or anybody else is the same you know

I have the same pressures as anyone else

there's time there's performance there's

financial I mean there you know there's

deadlines my pressures are not unique

the situation's may be different or you

know but but everybody has the same

kinds of pressures but what I found or

what I find fascinating is the

interpretation of the stimuli if let me

let me explain so I was watching the

Olympics this last summer olympics and I

was amazed at how bad the questions were

that the reporters would ask all the

athletes and almost always they asked

the same question whether they were

about to compete or after they competed

were you nervous right and to a tee all

the athletes went no right and what I

realized is it's not that they're not

nervous it's their interpretation of

what's happening in their bodies I mean

what happens when you're nervous right

your heart rate starts to go your you

know you sort of get a little tense you

get a little sweaty right

you have expectation of what's coming

and we interpreted that is I'm nervous

now what's the interpretation of excited

your heart rate starts to go you become

you're anticipating what's coming right

you get a little sort of like tense it's

all the same thing it's the same stimuli

except these athletes these these

Olympic quality athletes have learned to

interpret the stimuli that the rest of

us would say is nervous as excited they

also the same thing no I'm not nervous

I'm excited and so I've actually

practiced it just to tell myself when I

start to get nervous that this is

excitement you know and so where when

you used to be speaking front of a large

audience and somebody'd say how do you

feel like say a little nervous now when

somebody says how do you feel like

really excited actually and it it came

from just sort of telling myself no no

this is excitement and it becomes a

little bit automatic later on but it's

kind of a remarkable thing to deal with

pressure by interpreting what your body

is experiencing as excitement rather


nerves and it's really kind of effective

it makes you want to rush for is rather

than pull back and yet it's the same