How to Get 1000 Views on Your Answer In QUORA in 1 Day ? Get Viral on Quora | WITH PROOF! [ 2021]

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hey guys welcome back to our channel in


today in this video i will tell you the

best way to get

thousand views on your answers in quora

in just one day and i will promise you


i'll do live example and i'll show you

life proof of this so that you can also


1000 views on your answers

and i'll tell you that from quora you

can earn

passive income passive means if you are

sleeping then also you can generate


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etc so without wasting any time

let's dive into this


what we will do in this video first of


we will make people a follower

so to do that you have to answer some


questions which i will tell you later in

this video

once we have generated enough followers

then automatically our

answer will get more views any answer

and it's same like youtube and other

social media platform

where in youtube once you reach to some

particular subscriber that is one

thousand two thousand one million

ten million then automatically your any


uh get rank on first page according to

your subscribers

and same applies for other social media


and quora is also same like these social

media platforms

once you get more followers more will be

the people seeing your answer

so let's see how you can do these things

this is the live dashboard of my quora


here you can see in last 30 days three

thousand something views

uh have been generated and six of ports

and one share you can see that this

in seventh november that is yesterday

i have made over 1551 views

and i will tell you how you can do that

let me show you all time views

and here you can see 4.23 k views

and as i told you that in

on seventh november i got 1551 views

so the question arises how you can get

these kind of

views so to do that

go to your home page just click on home

once you are at your home page you don't

have to do anything

you don't have to answer these kind of


that is questions for you you never

answer these kinds of questions

you just go to the questions where

this is written recommend it for you you

have to answer

these questions only like what's the

best mistake you ever made

search similar questions in which

recommended for you

is written and just click on it

once you click on it you will be

redirected to this page

here you can see many people have

answered this question

you also have to answer this just click

on this

answer button

and you will see this kind of something


and you have to write your answer here

let's say before writing in

this answer please make sure you writing

rel invent

answer more than relevant more will be

the chances your

answer will get a higher views and

of course you can cross 1 000 2 000


like me i just crossed one thousand

five hundred views yesterday so

you have to write a similar or

relevant answer to the particular


let me write this

i have skipped the part you can read the


and as just go to pixabay

to add royalty free images

just go to and here

related to your answer download the

images like

i have whatsapp related i want a

whatsapp related chat so

just search whatsapp chat and

you can see these images you can

choose any one from these

this is not right let me choose this one

and yes

just click on free download and download


now go back to your answer and just

upload the

image and as you can see

my answer and before that please make

sure your english is correct

uh just install grammarly free extension


that can help you to check your

grammatical mistakes

after correcting your grammatical


um just scroll down

and here you can see submit option click

on that

and wait for second

or two seconds and

here it is your answer has been


similarly you just try to answer

these kinds of questions in regular


just go to your home page sorry my

internet is weak today and here you can


many questions in which recommended for

you is written

you have to answer these questions


you have to answer these questions only

this one recommended for you just answer

this question and similarly

you have your own recommended for you

questions and

you have to answer that and remember you

have to answer

two or three questions daily minimum

so that you can reach up to one thousand

two thousand

and even twenty thousand views

on your answers and guys trust me korra

can generate you passive income

you just have to consistent in this


now see how many views we get

on our answer this 13 minutes ago we

have uploaded this

and here you can see we got 33 views

similarly you can upload or i mean

you can answer as many as questions you


and believe me you can

generate tons of free traffic from this

quora platform hope you like this video

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see you in the next video till then take