How to Be a Star Volleyball Athlete | Play Like a Champ

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hey guys I'm here with Kelly a former

college volleyball star and today she's

gonna teach me a little bit about what

it takes to become a rock star female

athlete I'm putting on this amazing

volleyball clinic so we're gonna teach

you some of the fundamentals and then

we're gonna make you part of the team

I'm a little bit intimidated but super

game I think we need to get you into the

right gear so that you actually feel

like an athlete



feel likely to take over the world in

the south I want to share with her why

we love volleyball so much because it's

all about competing and having fun out

here we're also really supportive of

each other and this is all about

celebrating one another and making each

other feel like a family so we're gonna

show her how we do that right all right

so this first drill we're gonna work on

is sir I threw up some targets over

there pull your hand back you're gonna

toss the ball in front of you take a

step and swing into it focus on hitting

the target we're focused on the target

and the goal that we want to hit this is

something that it's the same thing work

hard practice things getting closer and

closer to all of these work I've been

that one girl in gym class that doesn't

get picked because I'm not necessarily

good at sports I'm not very good at like

throwing something in the air and then

my other hand having to touch it

something that volleyball has taught me

is that you go for everything you're

gonna have million chances so you just

got to get up each time our second drill

is all about blocking I'm gonna hit a

ball at you over the net and it's your

job to make the right move to block the

ball you're gonna be faced with

adversity in life and it's our job to

take those obstacles and you got to rise

up rise up and face it head-on

no matter what the challenge looks like

I'm most proud of always taking care of

the team and make sure I get that block

the blocking one I thought was actually

the one that I liked the most except the

fact that I was a little bit sure

walk very well I thought that I did

pretty well on that right right

this drill each of you are gonna work on

digging I'm gonna hit to live balls at

you one is gonna be directly at you and

the other one you're gonna have to chase

so the question is can you save both of

them you're probably gonna have to hit

the floor you're probably gonna have to

die you want me to do what the goal is

to make sure you get both balls up and

off the ground when you're an athlete

there's a sense of being fearless and

they're so often in time playing

volleyball but in life where you're

gonna hit the ground and you're gonna

have to pick yourself back up for me

volleyball has taught me so much from

being on the floor and having to drag

myself up and having to fight through

pain you realize what you're capable of

I am pretty intimidated by these girls

but I'm excited I mean yeah sure I'll go

ahead and hit a ball that's going I

don't know 90 miles per hour

shoutout to all the incredible girls on

the team who were shouting for me who

were rooting for me every time I keep


they were like keep going keep going and

I felt so inspired by their cheer never

give up you keep going even if you miss

that dig go get the next one


you have to go after every single dig no

matter if there's bleachers if there's

people that's your ball all right girls

I think we are warmed up let's show them

what volleyball players can do teamwork

to me means having compassion and

empathy for others building other people

up I wanna be there for my team 100%

know that I'm there for them so look at

someone else next to you and say we've

got this together collectively as a unit

we can rise that's the best thing the

team really had my back and I'm gonna

always remember that we have to work

together to keep a ball off the floor it

takes a lot of work and a lot of

camaraderie between a group of young

women great job girls that was really

really good guys I am so incredibly

moved by everything that I learned today

finally being part of a team and

especially one that being supported by

such incredible strong girls like

yourselves thank you guys so much I'm

gonna definitely take all of these

lessons with me on and off good you

really earned this so welcome to the

team here


some stereotypes on female athletes that

I've heard that we are not as tough and

we can't be a strong I show what we can

do and how it's not impossible but when

you're a female athlete is you just show

him what you're made of

just keep working harder and just tell

myself that I'm gonna prove everyone


Kelly is a freaking boss she showed me

how to be such a strong woman and

honestly that's what this experience is

all about about find myself as an

athlete and being a boss woman I hope to

instill this sense of pride and power in

the next generation of female athletes

to be around so many strong girls

they're gonna grow up to be incredible

women and I'm really happy that I got to

have this experience with them I am


I am confident I am fierce I'm

competitive I'm dedicated I'm fearless I

never give up I'm strong I'm a team

player I am powerful