How to get better at volleyball faster - Tip of the Week #37

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hey guys

LP Manville here with your jump

volleyball training tip of the week I'm

here with Ben in the beautiful Sports

Center in gatineau and today we want to

talk about not being too nice in

practice all right why well you remember

not so long ago I did a tip on saying

I'm sorry well this is related to saying

I'm sorry and I'm talking about in

practice when players work together and

they're just too nice to each other

because they're scared that if they are

too tough on their teammates well then

that teammates is going to be pissed off

or something like that all right

well you know what when you play a game

players on the other side of the game of

the net sorry they won't be nice to you

they want to score a point they'll go

hard at you okay and that's why in

practice you should be hard on your

teammates and on yourself as well so for

example okay if you're working in a

drill whether you are hitting from the

floor or even hitting from the other

side of the net okay in some sort of

game situation but where you're where

the criteria is to hit on the player

sometimes we'll see guys they'll just

hit the ball you know nice and smooth

just to make sure to hit the player or

what they'll do is hey we're working on


and you know they just throw the ball

nice and easy well you know if I do this

to Ben Ben is not working that hard okay

and he's not actually getting better

when we're working on defense I want to

make sure that as a partner Ben I'm

making work hard right I hit a ball you

know I smashed hard or what I'll do is

I'll hit it to the side a little bit now

that has to react okay I might go up

good tip okay now I got Ben jumping

I got him moving to the side I got him

diving okay and that's what I want as a

player and as a teammate and we have to

as players be conscious of that and stop

being afraid of making our players and

our teammates work hard and as coaches

we have to make sure that we see this

that we see this in our gym if we see

players that are too nice to each other

we got to stop them and tell them to

start being more aggressive and to make

each other work

harder okay now let's watch a couple of

a couple more examples of this

unsaturation in which we often forget to

challenge each other is when we pass

balls to our setters we are so used to

put the ball right on the setter that we

forget that in the game the ball is

going to be away and then a setter is

going to have to run so when doing those

kind of drills don't hesitate to ask

your players to pass the ball around so

that the setter has to move the same

thing is true for serve receive we're so

used in practice to serve right at a

password to make them work but you know

what in the game they're going to have

to move sideways and then also to to the

front and a court to pass so short

serves so that's another occasion to

really challenge each other so that's it


okay so make sure that your players are

not too nice to each other

you want them to go after each other so

that your players are learn how to

compete and how to deal with the having

any components going at them all right

so work on that this week and I will see

you next week for another Jean

volleyball training tip but until then

make sure that you send me your

questions and comments in this comment

section below

under this video okay guys I'll see you

next week ciao

thanks for watching guys and thanks to

the gatineau Sports Center for letting

us use their dens if you are in the

gatineau or Ottawa region make sure to

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