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what's going on guys Matt here from

become elite and two minute Tuesdays


today's topic of discussion is speed of

playing now in my opinion speed of play

is one of the biggest differences that

you'll notice as you progress up to

higher levels professionals only have

milliseconds to make this decision

versus a few seconds at the amateur

level you must constantly be thinking

two or even three steps ahead of the

game in order to keep up at this pace so

how do you improve speed of play well

let's put the time on the screen and

let's get started I believe that you

should break down speed of play into

three different aspects mental technical

and exposure mentally you need to do two

different things the first is you need

to make that active switch in your head

that you're gonna play faster you're

gonna take less touches and you're gonna

spend less time on the ball even if

sometimes it's not necessarily required

at the pro level we call this playing

with urgency you're not playing rushed

but you're urgent this is drilled into

us during training when coaches are

yelling out to play sharper to play

faster to get the ball moving to stop

sitting on

the next step is you really need to

focus on mentally preparing and

anticipating where the ball should go

next or where you should go next

the typical amateur receives the ball

then looks up to decide if they should

dribble pass shoe where they should go

next professionals look up and

anticipate what's happening on their

side of the field or in their area where

they could possibly pass the ball where

their teammates are going before they

even receive the ball a lot of times is

a right back I'll start to see the ball

swinging over from the center back to

the other center back I'm anticipating

the ball is gonna come to me so before

it does I'm looking at the field to see

what my right knee or my floor is doing

I'm looking at how tight my defender is

towards me or if he's giving me space I

didn't look back to my center back as

that ball is coming in to me and I

already know if I could take a touch

down the line if I have to take a touch

in the middle if that touch us to be

close to my feet

because I know what's not I'm observing

I'm anticipating and I'm preparing now

you might be able to anticipate and

prepare but you won't be able to really

act on it if your technical skills

aren't sharp this is the second thing

you really need to focus on if you want

to improve your speed of play and that's

getting your touches your passes and you

control the ball on a very high level if

that ball is coming into you and you

have to take three touches before you

can really control it at your feet and

then make the next play you're killing

yourself you're adding tons of

milliseconds to this time the goal

should be to receive that ball and

immediately make the perfect touch for

your given situation that you've already

prepared for if you could trap that ball

9900 hundred times right at your foot

you can change seconds off of your speed

of play improve your technical skills

through fundamental skill training

you'll notice that your speed of play

really develops faster lastly and most

importantly is really experience and

exposure it's hard to really understand

how little time you really have on the

ball if you don't experience that always

be challenging your teammates to play at

a faster level try to look grave that

you want this be the play to pick up try

to play in tighter spaces where you're

gonna have less time on the ball and

less time to make that decision before

you get closed down and if possible try

to play with the highest level of

players that you can try to adapt this

level and as soon as you start to feel

comfortable at the speed of play push on

out of your comfort zone and grow as a

player so I hope you guys enjoyed this

video if you're happy the two minute

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